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How to reduce oily skin this minute

How to reduce oily skin this minute

When warmer weather rolls in, many people wonder how to reduce oily skin. The summer heat often increases your skin's natural oil production, but you can take control and stop summer shine with the right professional techniques and the best products to reduce oily skin.


How to reduce oily skin: Techniques

The best thing you can do to reduce oily skin is to make sure your skin's protective barrier stays healthy. This barrier, called the hydro lipidic barrier, is comprised of sebum (produced by our sebaceous glands), plus water (produced by our sweat glands). This emulsion creates a thin, protective film on the skin to keep it supple, healthy and balanced.

"Over-cleansing, over-scrubbing, not using toner, not wearing a moisturizer, not wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen, etc. can throw this protective barrier out of whack, and lead to many other problems – including more oil." –Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education


How to reduce oily skin: Products

Lifestyle plays a huge role in keeping skin healthy, and so does using the right products. These are the top three best products to reduce oily skin:

KERAFOLE: Acne and large or clogged pores are common side effects of oily skin. Kerafole can help manage all three skin concerns at once. This 10-minute tingling face mask gives skin a deep purge to remove impurities, improve pores, revitalize and strengthen skin.

MEASURED MICROGRAINS +: Tackle oil at the source with this multi-action facial scrub for all skin types. The toxin-removing clay base helps vacuum oil while pore-refining and oil-balancing ingredients exfoliate, control oil production, strengthen and calm the skin.

OIL CONTROL MATTIFIER: If you still have breakthrough shine, use this lightweight blotting creme to control oily skin all day.

"Oil Control Mattifier is ideal for warmer and more humid months to control shine. You can even apply it OVER makeup!" – Dawn Gantt, licensed esthetician


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