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How To Layer Skin Care Products In The Right Order

Exfoliants (Quick Refiner, Quick Refiner for Eyes, Skin Editor, Measured Micrograins +, Pumice Peel, Kerafole):
Exfoliants should be applied first to freshly cleansed skin, to help remove uneven dead skin cells and pave the way for the best absorption of the next products.

Toners (Equalizer, Power Peptide, Soothing Reset Mist, Acne Toner): Think of toner as your “after” step. Use after cleansing, after removing an exfoliating scrub or after removing a mask - to help re-balance skin and lock in the products that follow.

Spot Correctors + Skin Brighteners (LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector and LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener):
These should be applied first to skin before serums and moisturizers, as they need to absorb into clean skin in order to work properly on tyrosinase inhibition.

Serums (vc10 Daily Glow, Moisture x10, Stress Solution, Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum, Plump Start, CreateFirm, Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum, Recovery Serum): Serums may be layered, or alternated for morning or night if you prefer not to layer.
vc10 Daily Glow should be applied first before other serums.

Moisturizers (Barrier Fix Daily Hydrator, Crucial Moisture, Absolute Moisture, Beyond Hydration, Remineralist Daily Moisture):
Apply after toning and any serums. Always follow with a broad spectrum sunscreen if daytime.

Eye Treatments (Sensitive Eye Smoother, Multi-Task Eye Creme, Sleepwear for Eyes): Eye products should be applied after serums and before your day time moisturizer or night time treatment. Sleepwear for Eyes should only be used at night.

Age Activist Night Treatments (Sleepwear, Oil Control Sleepwear): Apply last after cleansing, toning and any other nighttime formulas.

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