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How To Choose The Best Facial Oil For Your Skin

How To Choose The Best Facial Oil For Your Skin

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Heading into the colder weather months, your skin care routine likely needs one thing: a facial oil. If you’re not already using one, you may be missing out on a lot of benefits you can only get from a facial oil, no matter your skin type.

Facial oils may not have been considered essential in the past, but as we continue to learn more about the skin, we find that incorporating a facial oil into your routine can make a lot of positive change. If you’re thinking: “But do I really need to use a face oil?” and want radiant, dewy skin, then the answer is yes - as long as it’s a high-quality facial oil.

how to choose a face oil

To start, it’s important to do your research before purchasing a facial oil, because not all oils are created equal.

Something to keep in mind about face oils is the way they’re marketed. Don’t let pretty packaging or trendy gimmicks fool you! Many skin care facial oils available today include a lot of unnecessary filler ingredients, as well as ingredients that could even cause a reaction in your skin. It’s important to know your exact skin type and identify your skin concerns first so that you help your skin instead of potentially hurting it. You can view our Ingredient Glossary for detailed information on different kinds of skin-beneficial ingredients to look for in your products.

One of the biggest complaints consumers have about face oil formulas is that they feel heavy, slick, sticky and - worst of all - sit on top of skin, making it completely counterintuitive of its purpose in a skin care routine. What’s the point if you can’t reap all the benefits of a face oil?

If this has been your own experience or sounds similar to reviews you’ve read about other face oils, now you don’t have to settle. There is a new facial oil that is far superior to other oils on the market that promises both exceptional quality and amazing results.

the best facial oil

Bioelements Dewluxe is a lightweight facial oil with concentrated, nutrient-rich argan, squalane and sea kale to protect and nourish dry, aging skin. Vegan, gluten-free and dermatologist tested to be non-irritating, Dewluxe acts as an occlusive to lock in moisture and replenish protective barrier lipids. It melts effortlessly into the skin to provide natural, dewy hydration - making it the best face oil for glowing skin.

That’s not all! An amazing benefit of this facial oil is that it also delivers natural dewiness while helping diminish the appearance of fine lines - giving you a youthful glow in just a few drops whenever you need it. Dewluxe is a clean, hydrating formula and the best face oil for dry skin, very dry skin, sensitive skin and combination skin, as well as those who are looking to improve their skin care routine with just one new product that really works.

Another major reason why Dewluxe is one of the best face oils for the skin: Dewluxe also includes a luxurious essential oil aromatherapy blend that features Ylang Ylang, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Balanite Roxburghii Seed Oil and Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil to enhance your skin care experience and soothe your senses. It’s full of wellbeing benefits, giving you a built-in aromatherapy and self-care session in a bottle.

If you struggle with the following skin concerns, Dewluxe is a perfect addition to your skin care routine:

  • Seasonal-related dryness
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Skin that’s been overly peeled, exfoliated or lasered
  • Polluted skin or skin compromised from daily atmospheric stressors
  • Sensitive skin
  • Anyone looking for a natural dewy glow
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how to use a face oil

With any skin care product, you always want to maximize your results. This means you have to know exactly when and how to apply each product.

Dewluxe can be incorporated into any at-home agenda for use both during the day and at night. Apply this dewy skin product as the last step in your routine before sunscreen for AM and your final step after moisturizer for PM.

Note: You need to apply Dewluxe after your moisturizer/cream/serum so that it can lock in the formula you applied directly to your skin. If you applied it before your water based serum or moisturizer, you would block the serum from penetrating. Just 2-3 drops to clean fingertips will be more than enough to achieve the dewy skin of your dreams.

When using Dewluxe, you should warm up the oil between hands, and pause to inhale the aromatherapeutic blend. Be sure to press (don’t rub!) the oil into your face, under eyes and on the neck.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve your skin goals! With Dewluxe, dreams dew come true.

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