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See how much skin care you actually need


See how much skin care you actually need

We live in a "more is better" culture, but when it comes to skin care (especially skin care with active ingredients), you probably apply too much. There are negative consequences when you apply too much product to your skin, both physically and financially. Keep reading to learn how you can get the best results from your skin care.


Why too much product is bad

At best, applying too much skin care product can be ineffective and at worst it can be harmful to your skin.

"Applying too much product can inhibit proper penetration, leading to less effective results." – Barbara Arnoux, Bioelements Educator and licensed medical esthetician

If the product is highly concentrated or has strong active ingredients, you can actually damage the skin by applying too much.

 "If applied too heavy it can lead to an undesirable effect, like breakouts or irritation." –Barbara Arnoux

For example, if you use too much cleanser and don't rinse it off all the way it could lead to irritation. If you apply too much of a facial mask it can impair its performance (especially if it needs to dry completely).

Even if you're using a very mild formula that doesn't result in irritation, your skin will only absorb a certain amount of product. The excess skin care will sit on top of your skin without being absorbed and will eventually evaporate or rub off. This wastes product and money.

When you choose high quality, professional grade skin care, like Bioelements, you don't need to apply a heavy layer of product or use a large amount. See our guide and image below to see how much product your skin actually needs:


Skin care amount guidelines



Two pumps of a high quality cleanser is all you need.


Apply 2-3 spritzes all over your face, neck, and v-area.



For physical exfoliators, apply the size of a pea and rinse off with water.

For chemical exfoliators, apply one pump in a thin layer to the face. Do not rinse off.



Apply the size of a chickpea to the face and leave on for 10-15 minutes depending on the mask. Rinse well.


Skin serums & treatment cremes

Apply an amount the size of a pea and spread a thin layer over your face.


Eye products

For eye products, apply an amount half the size of a pea.



To avoid using too much moisturizer, apply the size of a chickpea to the face and neck.


Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

Apply a couple of pea-size amounts to the face and a shot glass-size amount on the entire body.


Nighttime anti-aging and brightening

For Sleepwear products, apply half the size of a pea.

For brightening LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector, apply a thin layer over the affected area.

For brightening LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener, apply the size of a dime to the entire face.




The order in which you apply skin care products in make a difference too. Learn the correct order here.

If you have any questions about how much product to apply, sign up for our email newsletter here or comment below!

6 Responses


Diana, maybe your wearing too much make-up??


@Diana – For eyes, a thin amount really is all you need in order to get maximum benefits. Also, if you’re cleanser isn’t removing all your makeup, a dedicated makeup remover may be your best option, such as our Gentle Creme Eye Makeup Remover or Makeup Dissolver.


Two pumps of cleanser DOES NOT remove all my makeup, and half a chick pea size eye cream is not enough for me!


This is a great reminder for me! Thanks, Barbara.


@ Jenn – Yes. With masks, there’s no need to over-apply. Just a thin layer is all you need for the active ingredients to absorb.


I have a really bad habit of overapplying things…but i’m making an effort to use less…sooooo a chickpea size is supposed to cover my whole face w/ gel therapy/restorative clay?

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