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Go ahead – book that body treatment

Go ahead – book that body treatment

Thinking of getting a body treatment for the first time? Worried about what will happen? There's no need! Body treatments are the easiest way to detoxify, smooth and exfoliate yourself neck-to-toes – and they're a great way to completely relax your mind. Here's our top 5 things to know before you go:

1. Be sure to tell your esthetician or body therapist about any skin sensitivities you know of (for example, are you heat-sensitive?) as well as any relevant medical history. Your pro will also want to know if you're pregnant. And don't forget to tell her if you've recently been waxed – as just-waxed skin will be more sensitive to aggressive ingredients.

2. Be prepared to strip down. But rest assured – your esthetician will take all precautions to make sure you are comfortable and covered at all times. In fact, she's learned specific draping techniques to make sure you are never exposed. If you're uncomfortable with the thought of being completely naked – ask your skin care pro beforehand if the spa has disposable paper underwear you can wear.

3. The majority of spas have separate changing rooms with lockers to store your clothes, purse and other items. When you arrive, just ask and the staff will show you where to go and what to do. If there is no separate changing room, most will provide hangers right inside your treatment room where you can place your clothes.

4. Are you claustrophobic? Be sure to tell your esthetician before any body wrap treatment. She can modify what would otherwise feel constrictive – for example, she can keep your arms out of the blankets or wrap them more loosely.

5. Unsure of anything? Ask questions. That's what your skin care pro is there for. She'll ask you questions before your treatment begins, so share any concerns you have with her then – this way, you can be confident you'll see maximum results.

So tell us- who out there has never had a body treatment? Are there any worries holding you back? Any questions you'd like us to answer? Let us know in the comments.

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