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3 ways to fight tech-fueled skin-aging NOW.


3 ways to fight tech-fueled skin-aging NOW.

Lookout – there's a new skin-ager around, and it's probably affecting you as you read this! If the constant threat of skin-damaging UV rays and free-radicals wasn't enough, now technology's found a new way to age your skin. On Bioelements Facebook Page, we recently shared the news that "tech neck" is the latest skin-aging symptom affecting smart device users everywhere. It's described as the sagging, drooping, and neck wrinkles caused by constantly bending your head over your cell phone or tablet. Did you lift your head a little higher just now? But don't worry – there are ways to fight back! Here are our top 3 tips for fighting tech-fueled aging – and you can start them all now:

1. Adjust your stance.One of the easiest ways to prevent "tech neck" is to hold your phone or tablet at a height that doesn't cause the skin on your neck to fold. But, old habits die hard, and neck wrinkles happen. When fine neck lines start to make an appearance, you need a plan. Incorporate the right skin care into your daily routine to target signs of skin aging specific to the neck.

Reach for a chin-to-chest treatment cream that visibly improves the appearance of creases, and smooths out skin texture – like Bioelements V-Neck Smoothing Creme. Apply it starting in your v-area, and smooth into skin using upward strokes to keep from reinforcing the natural pull of gravity.

2. Stop the squint. Preventing crow's feet and forehead wrinkles used to be as easy as remembering your sunglasses everyday. But smartphones and tablets have quickly changed that. Whether you're texting, gaming, using a daily planner, or reading a book, we have more reasons now than ever to stare at small print on a tiny screen for hours each day. This can strain your eyes and cause squinting – your eye area's worst enemy.

Stop the squint by changing your device settings so that the text is larger. This will keep your eyes relaxed, and your brow unfurrowed. For existing fine lines around your eyes and forehead, you need a one-two punch. Start with a fast-acting chemical exfoliant that will remove the top layer of dead skin cells, and allow the products that follow to penetrate more effectively – apply Quick Refiner over the entire face, and Quick Refiner for Eyes for your delicate eye area. Once exfoliated, your skin is primed for a targeted treatment creme that will improve skin's moisture, tone, and visibly improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Try Sleepwear for your face, and Sleepwear for Eyes to zero in oneye wrinkles.

3. Put your tech to bed.Whether you're answering those last few work emails, or playing one more round of the latest addictive phone game, tying up loose ends on your phone just before bed can mean big trouble for your skin.

A recent study* shows that keeping mentally engaged with your smart phone just before bed can make it harder for you to get a solid night's rest. Lack of sleep is a major skin sin with long term effects I've previously discussed. Make this fix an easy one, and put the tech to bed at least half an hour before you head there yourself. Your skin will thank you!

Have more questions about how to combat tech-triggered skin aging? Ask in the comment section below! 



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Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel

HI Pat,nAfter cleansing your face at night, let it dry, and then apply your Quick Refiner. Wait until it absorbs, and then apply your Sleepwear. Applying your Quick Refiner first will remove dead and dulling skin cells, and also maximize the absorption power of any product you apply afterwards!

Pat Ferebee
Pat Ferebee

I love Quick Refiner! At night after cleaning my face …do I put Sleepwear on before or after QR?

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