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Fermented skin care: What you need to know

Fermented skin care: What you need to know

Have you heard of fermented skin care? Originally a Korean beauty trend, fermented skin care can actually reduce the signs of aging while remaining gentle on your skin. Keep reading to see the different fermented skin care benefits and the latest anti-aging skin care you need.


What is fermentation?

To understand fermented skin care, you need to know what fermentation is. Fermentation is the breakdown of complex organic compounds into simple organic compounds through a chemical enzyme reaction. When a skin care ingredient is fermented, it transforms the ingredient with added skin benefits.


Fermented skin care benefits

The fermentation process helps skin more readily absorb the active ingredient making it more effective. Fermentation also increases the level of antioxidants in the ingredientswhich can provide numerous benefits to the skin, like fighting off skin-aging free radicals, increasing collagen production, repairing elasticity, easing inflammation, reducing breakouts and improving texture.

One of the best fermented skin care products, Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum uses cutting edge ingredients, like fermented pumpkin enzyme. The fermentation of the pumpkin fruit enzyme in this formula increases its bioactivity, to rapidly remove dead skin build up. This makes it comparable to strong forms of exfoliation while remaining gentle on the skin.


Fermented skin care products

In short, the fermented pumpkin in Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum provides strong exfoliation and cell turnover with intense moisturizing benefits. In fact, clinical testing shows a capability of increasing cell renewal by a whopping 25%. This helps reveal skin that is less pigmented, less lined, brighter and more hydrated. The fermentation of this ingredient also helps provide serious anti-wrinkle activity through collagen synthesis. The most surprising benefit of fermented pumpkin is the fact that it can help minimize the appearance of large pores.

However, one ingredient alone isn't what makes Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum so great, but rather how the ingredients work together. This potent formula uses a coalition of youth-advocating ingredients that rally together to brighten, hydrate, exfoliate, smooth roughness, improve the appearance of lines and pores, and target collagen for firmer, more elastic skin.

While there are tried and true ingredients, like retinol, this formula is a fusion of science and nature. Bioelements has united gold-standard age fighters at clinical levels (retinol, peptides, vitamin E + Coenzyme Q10), with the next generation of natural youth-supporters (watermelon, apple, lentil and fermented pumpkin) for instant results and long-term improvement with continued use. It's a single solution that empowers your skin to resist the signs of cell aging.

Want to learn more about the ingredients in Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum? See the full list along with the short term and long term benefits here.

Do you still have anti-aging skin concerns? Head over to our Age Activist category. It includes potent, individual formulas that single-handedly target specific age signs including loss of fullness, discoloration, lines and wrinkles, dehydration and more.


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