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Expert Estheticians: Interview with Nina Holt

Expert Estheticians: Interview with Nina Holt

Next in ourExpert Estheticians series, we sat down with a licensed esthetician and skin care expert, Nina Holt ofWestwood Studio and spa,to answer some of the top skin questions. Holt is an official Bioelements Ambassador and is a part of the large web of skin care experts that help Bioelements provide you with world class education. Read our interview with Nina Holt below!


What inspired you to become an esthetician?

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the beauty industry, so my passion for esthetics started when I was a little girl. My mother has been a cosmetologist and salon owner for over 30 years.  I have very fond memories from spending time in the salon, but I always knew my love wasn't for hair, but skincare.


Can you tell us a little about your career path in the esthetics industry?

It wasn't until my junior year of college that I followed my heart and switched career paths. So, between my junior and senior year of college, I also attended esthetic school on top of my other education.

I attended National Beauty College, where I was introduced to Bioelements. To actually have the opportunity to use a professional skin care line while in school was an absolute blessing. I fell in love with the products, the results and the science behind Bioelements.

I graduated from esthetic school in 2004 and joined Westwood Studio and spa shortly after, where I currently remain on staff as the Master Esthetician.  The evolution of my career has been fun to look back on. I've been fortunate to grow as an esthetician and most recently have been chosen as a 2018 Bioelements World Class Spa.

I absolutely love educating myself about how the skin functions, and how I can better everyone's skin health using Bioelements.


What's your "stranded on a desert island" Bioelements skin care pick (besides SPF) – and why?

If I was stranded on a desert Island and had only one Bioelements product to take, although difficult to choose just one, I would choose Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum, to help resist the signs of aging. That way, when I'm rescued my skin will look as time hasn't passed!

Seriously, I love the instant results it does for my skin, and what it has done for my clients' skin.  It is my go-to all in one product.  The way it minimizes my pores, firms & smoothes, diminishes fine lines. The clarity and healthy glow it gives my skin has made it a necessity for me. It has also been a fun product to study – there are so many innovative ingredients in the formula, like the time-released microencapsulated retinol and more.


What's the most common skin care mistake clients make?

Over the years the most common skin care mistake I continue to see repeatedly, is a client abusing their skin – whether it's use of the wrong product, a fad, or an unnecessary, harsh utensil, people are way too rough with their skin!

When the skin is abused, over time the protective barrier becomes weak and in most cases nonexistent. This leaves the skin unprotected and opens the skin to all kinds of issues, like dryness, redness, breakouts, burning, and irritation to name a few.

The first step in helping clients repair their skin is to get that protective barrier back strong and healthy. That way their skin can function properly, leading to healthy, glowing skin. This is attainable with the right Bioelements professional treatments and the correct prescribed Bioelements at home agenda.


What's your favorite Bioelements treatment – and why?

My favorite Bioelements treatment is the Custom Blend Facial. It allows me to customize every step of the treatment depending on the client's skin care needs for that day. There are so many avenues and options to achieve the results and goals I'm striving for.

There is never one Custom Blend Facial that I perform the same.  It's the only brand that allows me design it specifically for my clients skin, not for the mass. So, my clients know that the facial treatment they are receiving is designed specifically for them. And again, the results are just outstanding. Bioelements makes that easy.


What's your favorite skin care ingredient – and why?

Again, the retinol with the time released microencapsulation technology that Bioelements has brought to the game has captivated me. It ensures the formula works over time instead of being delivered all at once. This helps reduce the irritation often associated with retinol, which allows many of my clients who have had previous negative experiences with retinol use it comfortably. Plus, it helps firm up the skin beautifully by helping the connective tissue weave together and become tighter, stronger, and denser.


What's the one piece of advice you wish every client followed?

One piece of advice I wish every client followed would be to trust your esthetician. They know skin, the anatomy of the skin, how it functions and can evaluate your skin and recommend the correct treatments and products that are best for YOUR skin. When an esthetician works with skin day in and day out for years, that experience plus all their required education is truly second to none.

The skin tells us all about one's health, so it is important for estheticians to know the anatomy of the skin and how it functions, not just push a product.

Seek out an educated and passionate skin care specialist to put together a regimen and routine for your skin. We are like your own personal trainer, but for your skin.



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