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5 of the best tips for exfoliation at home, ranked

5 of the best tips for exfoliation at home, ranked

Professional exfoliation in the spa is an awesome way to zero in on your skin concerns, but regular exfoliation at home is an absolute must for great skin. Maintaining a regular exfoliation schedule will lead to stronger, healthier skin and can tackle many common concerns, but there are some tricks to exfoliation. Keep reading to see our five best tips for exfoliation at home.


Why you need to exfoliate

Your skin is constantly shedding skin cells. When this happens, smoother skin cells push their way up to the skin's surface. However, the older you get, the slower your cells turnover and this leads to clogged pores, rough skin texture, more pronounced wrinkles, dullness and more.

When you exfoliate skin with a physical exfoliating face scrub (like Pumice Peel or Measured Micrograins +), these dead cells are immediately sloughed away. Circulation is improved and nerve endings are exercised. When you use a chemical exfoliant (like Quick Refiner or Quick Refiner for Eyes) these leave-on AHA blends melt away the glue that holds dead skin cells together.

 "Exfoliation at home is an essential part of healthy, younger-looking skin," says Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education. "When done regularly at home, your skin's cell turnover speeds up like a well-oiled machine, leaving your skin smooth, bright and clear.


5 of the best tips for exfoliation at home

1) Know your type

There are two main types of exfoliation and it's important to know which works best for your skin type and specific skin concerns. A professional esthetician will be able to help you decide which form of exfoliation is best for your skin, but exfoliation at home can take some trial and error. As a rule of thumb, those with sensitive or unpredictable skin can use Measured Micrograins +, a gentle jojoba bead exfoliator. This quick guide will help you choose your perfect exfoliator.

2) Don't be too aggressive

Exfoliation is amazing for your skin, but you can definitely have too much of a good thing. Over exfoliated skin can become red or irritated. To avoid over exfoliating skin, only exfoliate 1-3 times per week. If you have resistive skin, you can use certain exfoliators daily, like Quick Refiner.

Be careful with your pressure too – scrubbing too vigorously can cause breakouts, hyperpigmentation and more. Gently massage your physical exfoliators into your skin using circular motion and never press too hard.

3) Use facial brushes the right way

Exfoliating facial brushes can be a great way to get gentle daily exfoliation without over exfoliating the skin, but only if used correctly. Just like other forms of exfoliation, using gentle pressure is key to preventing injury to the skin. It's also imperative to start with makeup-free skin so you don't push makeup and grime deep into pores. Learn the right way to use your facial brush with this quick how-to guide.

4) A dry brush is your best friend

If there's one takeaway from this article, it's that exfoliating your face is important – but what about your body? You can't neglect your skin neck-to-toes and expect to have smooth, glowing skin. Body exfoliation is necessary for many of the same reasons exfoliating your face is: preventing dry, dead skin from building up (hello dry, cracked elbows), speeding up cell turnover, tackling hyperpigmentation and more.

Our favorite tip for body exfoliation is to use a dry brush. This technique has been a supermodel secret for years and is hands down the easiest way to revitalize your skin. Just see our quick video below:

5) Don't forget your eyes

Under eyes, we mean. Between squinting, tugging, sun damage and more, there's no limit to the number of things that age the delicate skin under your eyes. Exfoliating your under eye area can help tackle crows feet, fine lines, dark circles and more.

However, you should never use your regular facial exfoliators on your under eye area – the skin there is too delicate. Always use a gentle formula specifically designed for under eyes – like Quick Refiner for Eyes.


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