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Your easy skin care routine: How to streamline now

Your easy skin care routine: How to streamline now

Do you want an easy skin care routine? In today's world nearly everyone has jam-packed schedules. It's hard to find the motivation to maintain a lengthy skin care routine when there is so much else you could be doing with your time. Often people will skip their routine altogether to save time, sleeping in their makeup, not cleansing their face in the morning and not taking proper care of their skin.

This usually backfires, often leading the person to go back to their overly complicated routine to begin the vicious cycle all over again. For the sake of great skin, break the cycle by streamlining your skin care routine.



To start streamlining your routine, you need to declutter your products. This will help overcome temptation to use ineffective, gimmicky products that waste time. Plus, throwing out old and useless skin care products will save you time by allowing you to quickly grab what you need, instead of hunting through a plethora of products.

Unfortunately, in the age of social media, it's hard to tell which products are fads and which are effective. Despite common belief, things like sheet masks, pore strips, blackhead masks, makeup wipes and oil blotting sheets are not only time wasters, but they can actually harm your skin. It's crucial to get rid of fad products and instead focus on high quality, potent formulas.

Learn which products you should keep and which you should toss here.


Identify your biggest concern

Even if you are a total skin care minimalist, at the very bare minimum your morning routine should consist of cleansing, toning and applying a SPF moisturizer then cleansing, toning and applying a moisturizer in the evening. Exfoliation should occur at least 1-3 times a week as well. From there you should add products based on your skin concerns.

Don't have time to tackle every concern under the sun? Start with the ones that are most important to you. Are you adamant about keeping crows feet at bay? Swipe some Multi-Task Eye Creme under your eyes in the morning. Do you have stubborn pimples that crop up without warning? Keep Breakout Control in your purse to spot treat whenever you have time. It's crucial to know what is important to you to achieve an easy skin care routine that is still effective.

Beyond identifying your biggest concern, identify when you have more time in the day. Do you desperately need to streamline your morning routine? Opt for the most basic routine in the morning and then give yourself more time in the evening to perform other tasks like exfoliating, masking and applying serums.


Look for products that do more

Often, the key to an easy skin care routine is finding high quality multi-tasking formulas. If you're looking to minimize the amount of time you spend getting ready, you need to skip products that only have one benefit or only serve one purpose. Here are some of our favorite multi-tasking, powerhouse products:

Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum

This all-in-one serum is one of the best tools to streamline your routine, especially if you have aging skin concerns. This next level clinical strength serum brightens, hydrates, smoothes, minimizes pores, improves lines, and firms the skin with every application.


RayDefense, along with all of our sunscreens, provides broad spectrum protection to help prevent premature age signs and cancer, while also moisturizing the skin. Depending on your skin type, you can use any Bioelements broad spectrum sunscreen in place of your moisturizer in the morning.

Remineralist Daily Moisture

Get more out of your moisturizers by choosing ones that do more than just hydrate. Remineralist Daily Moisture not only increases skin's moisture content up to 70% in just 15 minutes*, but it provides serious anti-pollution protection as well. This powerful formula helps detoxify the skin and defend against stressors that cause lines, dehydration and irritation.

Measured Micrograins +

This multi-action facial scrub doubles as a mask for all skin types – including unpredictable, easily-sensitized skin. It provides a complete skin workout from warm-up to cool-down. This new, next-generation formula exfoliates, controls oil, strengthens, then calms skin. Known pore-refining and oil-balancing ingredients plus an invigorating, strengthening blend of plant extracts and essential oils leave skin with a refreshingly cool physiological sensation.

Multi-Task Eye Creme

This non-greasy daytime eye creme is designed to tackle multiple concerns at once. It brightens dark circles, moisturizes to ease fine lines and targets the signs of aging around the eyes. Your entire area will look brighter, feel firmer and look lineless.


Take a shortcut

There are many supposed skin care shortcuts that are actually harmful to your skin. Using makeup wipes instead of a cleanser is easily the most popular suggestion for pairing down a skin care routine. Unfortunately, when you rely only on a wipe, the invisible dirt it can't remove (along with the cleanser residue from the wipe itself!), will remain on your skin. From there, this residue can get pushed deep into your pores – the perfect recipe for a skin irritation and breakouts.

Instead of sabotaging your skin for the sake of an easy skin care routine, follow these shortcuts that actually help your skin:

1) Get supercharged: If you don't have enough time for a facial mask, get a small dose of your favorite supercharged ingredients by mixing your mask in with your cleanser.

2) Get more out of your masks: When you do have time to mask, make the most out of it by multi-masking. You can use as many different masks at once as you want to target each specific concern on different areas of your face.

3) Double your duties: Exfoliate and cleanse at once when you mix your daily cleanser with a physical exfoliator. Try blending Pumice Peel or Measured Micrograins + into your cleanser for added physical exfoliation.

4) Stretch your serum: Get skin care benefits from your makeup primer when you prep skin with a serum like Recovery Serum. It ensures foundation goes on smoothly and lasts. Bonus: use any excess left on your hands to smooth the ends of your hair, or soften dry cuticles!


If you have any questions about an easy skin care routine or how to simplify skin care routines, sign up for our email newsletter or comment below!


*Source: Scientifically tested results of 69.87% based on a 15-woman biophysical measurement study

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