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What is double cleansing? Everything you need to know

What is double cleansing? Everything you need to know

Do you know what double cleansing is? If you're a skin care enthusiast you've probably heard of the double cleansing method, but is it really worth it? The answer is yes! Keep reading to learn what it is, why you need it and how to double cleanse your face.


What is double cleansing?

Popularized by Korean beauty bloggers, this simple process helps completely remove every last trace of dirt, grime, and impurities from your skin.


Why you should double cleanse

Performed at night, this method of cleansing helps completely purge the skin of makeup, leftover SPF, dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, pollutants and other impurities –to keep skin strong, healthy, clear and bright. Plus, it preps your skin to absorb active ingredients from the rest of the product you apply afterwards.

Cleansing your face once in the morning is also a skin care necessity, but you should always spend the extra time in the evening to double cleanse before bed. This is because your skin repairs itself at night.

While you sleep, your skin repairs itself from the day's damage caused by environmental aggressors (UV damage, smoke, pollution, etc) and increases its natural antioxidant levels to help to fight age signs. Your skin cannot properly repair and regenerate if there is too much leftover debris from poor cleansing habits. Plus, it feels great to go to sleep with squeaky clean skin.

Many people think makeup wipes are a good shortcut, but this is not the case. Makeup wipes do not remove all of your makeup and they leave behind a pore-clogging residue. Even if you follow with a cleanser, makeup wipes can actually cause fine lines and wrinkles.  Because the cleansers used in the wipes are often mild, it usually takes quite a bit of rubbing and scrubbing to remove stubborn makeup. When you perform these motions repetitively on the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, you reinforce the lines you already have, and set the stage for future wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.


How to double cleanse

Before you go to sleep, follow these steps for clean, healthy skin:

Step 1: Wash your hands

Most people don't know they should perform this step in their skin care routine, but it's important to make sure your hands are clean before you touch your face. When you don't cleanse your hands you introduce any bacteria or dirt from your hands to your face, making it more difficult to get fully clean. It may seem silly, but this actually makes a difference, especially if you're acne prone.

Step 2: Use an effective makeup remover

For the first cleanse, or pre-cleanse, use a formula designed to remove makeup and impurities, like Makeup Dissolver Perfected. This advanced no-sting formula uses soothing orange oil, calming marigold extract, and more to completely remove every last trace of makeup – even waterproof mascara, lip stains, and full coverage foundation. This will also draw out other debris like sebum, makeup, leftover SPF, pollutants and more.

Step 3: Finish with your daily cleanser

To totally remove impurities, follow Makeup Dissolver Perfected with the right daily cleanser for your skin type:

OILY SKIN: Decongestant Cleanser is a lathering gel cleanser for oily skin that leaves skin feeling sparkly clean, soft and refreshed.

DRY SKIN: Moisture Positive Cleanser is a rich, creamy cleanser for dry skin that gently cleanses and calms, leaving skin soft, immaculate and comfortable – never tight or dry.

COMBINATION SKIN: Flash Foam Cleanser is a foaming formula for combination skin that cleanses and exfoliates in a single step, revealing skin that looks brighter and feels comfortably refreshed.

SENSITIVE SKIN: Sensitive Skin Cleanser is a gentle oil cleanser for sensitive skin that foams when water is added and leaves skin soft, comfortable and clean.

ACNE-PRONE SKIN: Spotless Cleanser is a maximum strength 2% salicylic acid acne cleanser that removes acne-causing surface bacteria without over-drying or stripping skin.


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