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Don't sedate...stimulate!


Don't sedate...stimulate!

When I first learned to perform professional facials more than two decades ago it was with a "hands-off"approach (sounds unbelievable but it's true.)  We were taught to never let the skin redden…keep it calm and soothed. Don't rock the boat! Then I met my mentor who taught me just the opposite. "The fountain of youth is in the bloodstream," "Challenge the skin,"  "Don't sedate, stimulate."

This stimulation is accomplished by massage of the face, neck and shoulders. Facial massage naturally drains away accumulated toxins, boosts collagen production, and tones the skin. Circulation is also revved-up by the application of highly active professional treatment products. To me, this is the main reason to get monthly facials. The ultra-stimulation of skin simply cannot be duplicated at home. No way.

Now that doesn't mean you'll exit the facial room with beet red, burning skin. On the contrary, a licensed esthetician is taught to rev-up the skin, deep cleanse it and then calm it back down. It's not about the relaxation factor (though that's a wonderful side effect) or miraculous de-aging…it's about "helping the skin help itself." Increased blood flow to the skin carries oxygen in and drives toxins out. This in turn promotes firmer, clearer, younger-looking skin. How can you go wrong?

So I'm off to see Diane at Ultra Lounge Spa in La Quinta for my monthly facial. After all, I want to keep getting those ego-boosting comments about how great my skin looks. But before I go, I've got a quick question for you. Have you made regular facial treatments a part of your skin care program?


One of the first-ever licensed estheticians in the U.S., Barbara Salomone is the architect of the modern American facial. Since launching Bioelements Professional Skin Care in 1991, she has trailblazed the industry, incorporating nutritional supplements into topical skin care products, and pioneering the introduction of antioxidants, calcium, probiotics and lutein. Visit Bioelements on FacebookTwitter or Youtube.

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I second that!


I am very in need of my monthly facial. Glad you wrote this post – it was a great reminder!

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