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The domino effect: How to find your best facial cleanser

The domino effect: How to find your best facial cleanser

With so many cleansers available, it's hard to know which is right for you and your skin's concerns. Rather than wading through the endless selection, it might seem easier to throw your hands up and reach for whatever's closest. After all, you really just end up washing it all off – right? Wrong! Using the wrong cleanser can completely sabotage your skin care routine. Here's  how:

Using the wrong cleanser – even once – can completely throw off your  skin. Just like dominos, once the first step in your routine falls, the rest will follow, tricking your skin into acting like another skin type, and causing brand new skin concerns.

Here's a perfect example of the domino effect: Let's say you have a Dry skin type, and you start using a new cleanser that your friend was raving about. This new cleanser is designed for an Oily skin type. Down goes the first domino! A cleanser made for Oily skin is specifically formulated to remove excess oil – a feature that Dry skin doesn't need. In fact, dry skin depends on oil and hydration to keep it balanced and comfortable. By stripping away needed oil, the oily skin cleanser will trigger a genetically Dry skin to produce even moreoil to compensate for what's been robbed! Now your dry skin is tricked into acting like an Oily skin type. And the problem only gets worse when the rest of the dominos fall, as you begin to reach for more products to help your suddenly Oily skin.

Great skin starts with the right cleanser. So avoid letting the first domino fall, and choose the formula that's right for your skin type.


It might sound simple, but choosing the right products for your skin type or concerns isn't always easy. Here's how know which cleaner you need:

Oily Skin:Skin that develops all over excess shine shortly after gentle cleansing is a true Oily skin type. Reach for a cleanser that cleans deeply without leaving skin feeling stripped. Try: Decongestant Cleanser.

Bioelements Fans say:"I have always struggled with oily skin cleansers. Many I have tried leave my skin too dry or still feeling dirty. This is THE BEST cleanser I have ever used." – B

Combination Skin:
Similar to an Oily skin type, someone with Combination skin will experience excess oil shortly after cleansing, but only in the "T zone". Reach for a foaming cleanser that leaves skin completely clean, but is still gentle enough for dry regions. Try: Flash Foam Cleanser.

Bioelements Fans say:"This is my favorite cleanser! It goes on smooth, and my skin feels so soft after using it!" – Tara

Dry Skin:
A genetically dry skin type will have smaller pores and, as a result, a more difficult time producing the mix of water and oil the skin relies on for comfort and protection. Reach for a cleanser that leaves skin soft and comfortable – not tight. Try: Moisture Positive Cleanser.

Bioelements Fans say:"I have dry skin and this has been my favorite, most effective cleanser – especially during the colder weather. My skin feels clean and gently moisturized after cleansing." – Diana

Sensitive Skin:
If ordinary skin care products cause stinging, your skin flushes easily, or you experience red blotches on your face and neck, you need a cleanser that will protect skin against moisture loss, and visible irritation. Try: Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Bioelements Fans say:"I have very sensitive skin, especially in the summer. This is HEAVEN in a bottle. It feels so good going on, and it removes makeup without drying out or irritating my skin." – Danita


If you're already wrapped up in a game of skin care dominos, and not sure what your true skin type is, start by checking our 'What's my skin type' page. Another great way to know for sure is to turn to your esthetician. They have years of experience, and thousands of clients with every skin type and concern. Use our Spa Locator to find a nearby Bioelements Spa.

Have more questions about your skin type, and which cleanser is best? Ask us in the comments!


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