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The digital skin care mail bag: Spring Skin


The digital skin care mail bag: Spring Skin


It's mail time! Once again, the skin care mail bag is stuffed with questions from the SkinReading blog, our Bioelements Facebook and Twitter pages, and skin care professionals from all over the country. This time the focus is on spring skin and the problems that can come with it. You've got questions and we've got answers!

Q: "My skin always becomes more sensitive during spring. What can I do about it?"

Sensitive skin is a true skin type you're born with. But seasonal changes (like spring allergies) can cause your skin to become "sensitized" – red, irritated, blotchy, and uncomfortable. Take care of your sensitized skin by applying a soothing skin serum under your moisturizer. It's packed with calming ingredients that also strengthen your skin to protect it against skin sensitizing environmental aggressors. Something else to be weary of is artificial fragrances and dyes. Read skin care labels carefully for ingredients that contain "Yellow", "Blue", "Red", or "fragrance" – they don't belong there and can further irritate skin that has already been sensitized by spring weather.

Q: "I have sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin, and need a moisturizer that removes the tight feeling I get after cleansing without adding extra shine during warmer spring months."

The large temperature and humidity fluctuations that come with spring can make skin even more prone to oil and breakouts. Following up your cleansing routine with Acne Toner to eliminate excess oil, ward off future breakouts, and prep skin to better absorb the next products applied. A moisturizer is one of your best bets to keeping skin protected and balanced during the hectic season.  Oily skin types should use Beyond Hydration – an oil-free gel moisturizer that hydrates without leaving a greasy or sticky residue behind. Manage breakthrough shine by pairing it with Oil Control Mattifier. Together, each product will help control oil production while keeping your sensitive skin happy and hydrated.

Q: "During the spring months, it can be 30 degrees one day and 70 the next. What's the best way to keep my skin balanced when the weather is not?"

Toners are a great way to balance skin with fortifying ingredients that also calm and soothe spring sensitivities that can pop up when days can be cold, then warm and allergen-laden back-to-back. Take a gentle toner like Equalizer to-go so that you can spritz it on throughout the day. It hydrates, calms, and strengthens so that your skin stays balanced during a season when the weather is not.

Q: "What's your #1 tip to prepare for a spring vacation when my skin is still in 'winter' mode?"

There are a few things we like to do before buzzing off to our favorite vacation spots, but we've rounded up the 4 most important spring break beauty tricks we stick to!

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Barbara Salomone
Barbara Salomone

That’s exellent advice, Trudy! You’re spot-on – seasonal changes can bring on changes in the skin that’s best addressed by a pro. And with regular professional facials, skin will learn to adjust more quickly to life’s stressors and environmental changes.


Great advice Barbara. I always recommend that my clients start each change of season with a facial treatment. Your skin reacts to the changing seasons and it is important to have your skin analyzed to ensure that you are continuing to use products according to changes your skin is experiencing. Also, a customized facial treatment will re-energize your skin for improved product absorption.

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