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How to Cure Oily Skin: Don’t Get a Tan

How to Cure Oily Skin: Don’t Get a Tan

One of the biggest myths about oily skin is that tanning can be a good oily skin treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are multiple oily skin remedies, but tanning actually worsens oily skin. While tanning can temporarily "dry out" skin, which is why many think it's an oily skin treatment, that's just the first phase in what is actually an injury response in the skin when exposed to UV rays. This "drying" injury response will cause the sebaceous glands to surge the production of oil so it can help protect the skin from damage. So while tanning provides momentarily drier skin, it will just lead to extra oily skin later.

For anyone who is wondering how to stop oily skin, start with slathering on some SPF. Make sure you choose the correct SPF, ideally a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, like these. If you're not applying an SPF to prevent oily skin, then you should still be using it daily to protect yourself from other problems. In fact, 90% of signs of aging (like lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness) are caused by the sun. Not to mention that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. and the incidence rate is sky rocketing. In fact, it's not the beach vacations that can cause the most harm. The majority of sun damage you encounter occurs during everyday activities, like driving your car or running errands. So whether or not you struggle with oily skin, you should be using sunscreen.

Worried about excess oil or shiny skin? Our best oily skin treatment is Oil Control Mattifier, which helps prevent oil throughout the day. It can be applied under or over makeup, so it's a great option for breakthrough shine and oil control. By using the correct oily skin products you can cut down your oil production, but don't soak up the rays if you care about your skin!

Not all oily skin is caused by the sun's damaging rays, here's a list of other potential causes.

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