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Aging, tired eyes? This is the crows feet treatment for you

Aging, tired eyes? This is the crows feet treatment for you

Worried about unwanted age signs, like fine lines and crows feet around the eyes? UV damage and months of squinting under sunny skies leaves many in dire need of a reliable crows feet treatment. Don't fret if you need a remedy; we'll break down our most effective ways to fix crows feet below.


How to fix crows feet


1) Exfoliate

Exfoliation may sound surprising for a crows feet treatment, but even your delicate eye area needs exfoliation! Dull, dead skin cells emphasize any existing fine lines. Exfoliating instantly removes the dead skin cells, which in turn takes off years in appearance.

The benefits of exfoliation go beyond just looking better; they speed up cell turnover and allow any products that follow to penetrate the skin even deeper. Exfoliating targets the problem and prevents the appearance of new age signs. The key is to use the correct exfoliator, like Quick Refiner for Eyes, that is specifically designed for sensitive under eye skin.

2) Create a barrier

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your body and has very few oil glands. This means it can't create a strong hydrolipidic barrier like the rest of your skin can. The lack of protective barrier leaves your under eye skin more prone to sensitivity, dryness, itching, and flaking. All of these symptoms can make existing fine lines look worse and even create new ones.

There are many different crows feet treatment options, but it's imperative to replenish and strengthen the barrier under your eyes. Use Multi-Task Eye Creme as a crows feet treatment to create that barrier, target puffiness, brighten the skin, and moisturize to ease any fine lines. Use this non-greasy formula every morning.

3) Protect

If you aren't protecting your skin from UV damage, then no crows feet treatment will truly work. UV damage can also cause stubborn lines and wrinkles to appear. The best crows feet treatment is prevention, so always remember to apply sunscreen in the morning after your other products. In addition to sunscreen, wear sunglasses with UV protection lenses to give your skin another line of defense against wrinkle-cause UV radiation and repetitive squinting.

4) Target lines

The skin under your eyes is thin and fragile, so it needs extra nourishment. Sleepwear for Eyes works while you sleep to moisturize and nourish your skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This overnight formula delivers results to fix crows feet– whether you get a full 8 hours or not.

5) Professionally treat

If you still struggle with under eye aging, Bioelements has professional-use-only formulas that are gentle, yet powerful enough to smooth and brighten your eye area in just 30 minutes. There are also special techniques used to fix crows feet:



Let a professional handle your skin care woes and book a treatment here.


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