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Are you contaminating your skin care?


Are you contaminating your skin care?

Bacteria, germs, impurities. Call them what you want. But did you know you could be introducing them into your skin care products every day? It's true – when you stick your fingers in creams or gels packed in jars, you can invite in dirt and debris right from your hands. These unwelcome guests can disrupt a product's effectiveness – and cause problems for your skin in the process.

So how do you avoid contamination and ensure your skin gets 100% product effectiveness? Grab a spatula!

A what?

Bioelements jars (like our moisturizers, exfoliators and facial mask products) come pre-packed with their own convenient spatula – a mini-applicator that dispenses the perfect amount of product without the risk of contamination. Just scoop it out from the jar and onto your finger to apply. Then simply rinse the spatula clean for the next use.

Do you use your Bioelements spatulas? Tell us in the comments!

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As much as I can I use spatula for my beauty habits, but especially and always for my eye cream.

Shellie B
Shellie B

I absolutely always use a clean spatula or instrument of some sort or another to get product from a container! I never, ever use my fingers. As an esthetician and a medical assistant, I am well aware of how many bacteria -good and bad- we have on our hands, especially in the midst of cleansing a client’s face. I never take a shortcut on safety, but I sure see it in other salons and nail care establishments and it always makes me shudder.

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