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From Concern to Countertop: Firmness

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From Concern to Countertop: Firmness


It's the second installment in our Concern to Countertop series, where we examine a specific skin concern many of you face – like breakouts, sensitivity, or redness – and give you the remedy recommended straight from the professionals. Let's get started: Are you worried about a loss of firmness? Are you seeing sagging in the skin around the eyes or jawline? It's time to firm up!


A loss of firmness is caused by both intrinsic aging (the normal chronological process of aging) and extrinsic aging (aging by external, controllable factors like sun exposure, smoking or alcohol use). Choosing a healthy lifestyle and the right products can greatly help the appearance of the skin – and prevent further loss of firmness before it starts.


Advanced VitaMineral C Complex: Boost your skin's ability to fight off toxins that can age it prematurely with this daily antioxidant creme. It contains a double dose of vitamin C creme – 32x more vitamin C than what's found in an orange.

Plump Start –  A plum-infused antioxidant concentrate that instantly improves fullness, nourishes and smoothes out fine lines. It's intelligent hydration that reads your skin and penetrates where it's needed – to visually improve the look of skin's wrinkle valleys and crevices.

CreateFirm – Help skin feel firmer and appear more lifted with this high-tech serum formulated with our exclusive Aquamide-5 – a skin smart ingredient that combines 5 skin identical ceramides plus microalgae to weave in and around the epi-layers of the skin.

V-Neck Smoothing Creme –Smooth the appearance of neck wrinkles with this non-greasy, potent formula. It uses anti-wrinkle peptides, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and a powerful brightener.

Multi-Task Eye Creme – Your daytime eye creme should work overtime, moisturizing to produce a firmer feel and a lineless appearance. This light and hydrating, non-greasy creme sinks in quick and works all day long.

Sleepwear for Eyes – At night, treat your eyes to a moisture-rich formula with hyaluronic acid fillers to improve the appearance of fine lines and increase the feel of firmness while you sleep.

Sleepwear – Wake up and see visibly younger-looking, firmer skin in the morning when you use Sleepwear. This topical calcium, time released retinol, protein peptide and cranberry seed oil formula works overnight to dramatically improve moisture and tone. (Have an Oily skin type? Try Oil Control Sleepwear)

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Skin firmness is one of the top skin concerns among those wanting to prevent this sign of skin aging or resist further loss of firmness. Advanced VitaMineral C Complex ,CreateFirm and V-Neck Smoothing Creme are my personal AM/PM products of choice (along with Oil Control Sleepwear) and recommended professionally to others.

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