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Clear skin remedies: 10 Good habits you need to know

Clear skin remedies: 10 Good habits you need to know

We all know that there are plenty of bad habits that cause breakouts, but what about the good habits that prevent acne? Read our list of 10 good habits below – they're the clear skin remedies you should practice every day.


1) Use high quality professional skin care

One of the best clear skin remedies is to use professional skin care. Trust us, professionals don't use mass market or drugstore brands in their facials – they use professional products because they deliver real results. And you can use them, too. Identify your true skin type and then invest in a quality professional skin care line designed for your type and your concerns. Low-quality products contain ingredients that can actually cause breakouts, like artificial fragrances and dyes. Even if they do contain the right ingredients, they are watered down so you have to use more product and end up spending the same amount of money in the long run.

Do your research and find quality products that are proven to be effective for your skin type and concerns, like Bioelements acne line.


2) Avoid touching your face

This is one of those old-school acne remedies that still holds true today. Even if you think your hands are clean, they almost always contain excess oil, dead skin cells, and p. acnes bacteria, which can trigger breakouts, especially in those with acne-prone skin. Those who don't touch their face avoid spreading the oil, cells, and bacteria to their complexion.


3) Visit an esthetician

This is crucial for clear, healthy skin. One of the best ways to prevent and combat acne is to work with a licensed esthetician. They can perform specific facials for acne to lessen breakouts and prevent new ones. Plus, they can monitor your skin's progress and make adjustments to your at-home routine as needed. However, if you have severe or stubborn acne, see a dermatologist.


4) Clean your makeup brushes, towels, and pillowcases often

If you keep up to date with our SkinReading blog, you know the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a month. Your brush may seem clean to the naked eye, but it can contain bacteria, dirt, oils, old makeup, dead skin cells, and other debris that cause acne, breakouts, and irritation.

However, the same holds true for your towels and pillowcases. Both of these come in contact with your face quite often and can contain even more debris than your makeup brushes. Wash them frequently to keep skin clear.


5) Use non-irritating sunscreen

Sunscreen can be tricky. You absolutely need to wear it for healthy skin, but there are a lot of brands out there that clog pores or irritate the skin. The key is to find non-irritating, non-sensitizing, and non-allergenic broad spectrum sunscreen, like RayDefense, that provides the protection you need without breakouts.


6) Wash your hair first in the shower

This one of the least followed clear skin remedies, but this trick could help keep your complexion acne-free. As we've said before, certain hair products tend to clog pores, induce inflammation, trap bacteria, and create a breeding ground for acne. Unfortunately your shampoo and conditioner can be among those products.

A trick to avoid blemishes is to wash and condition your hair before cleansing your face in the shower. This way you'll cleanse any impurities that may have dripped from your hair to your face, thus avoiding breakouts.

Similarly, make sure to wash your hands before you cleanse your face (whether you're in the shower or not) to rid them of any dirt, debris, or acne causing bacteria.


7) Exfoliate your skin

Aside from wearing SPF, exfoliation is one of the best habits that you can pick up for any skin type for multiple reasons. Even acne-prone skin needs proper exfoliation, because it can lessen excess oil production, unclog pores, and make it easier for your skin to absorb the acne-fighting active ingredients in your skin care.


8) Target pores

Along with exfoliation, targeted facial masks can draw out pore clogging impurities to prevent and treat breakouts and congestion. Look for masks that have an active clay base, like Restorative Clay and Kerafole, to vacuum up oil and congestion from deep within pores. Look for sulfur treatments, like Amino Mask, to target existing breakouts.


9) Detox your skin

Breakouts are one of the four ways the body naturally detoxifies itself, so regularly detoxifying yourself will eliminate the need for your skin to breakout. To minimize skin toxicity in the first place make sure to exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, avoid UV exposure, get enough sleep, and avoid smoking. There are still factors we can't control that cause toxicity, however, so detox your skin regularly at home and in the spa with these steps.


10) Manage stress

Stress frequently causes acne. When your body is exposed to stress, your brain triggers a hormonal reaction, which can disrupts the skin's natural cycle and lead to breakouts. Try your best to cut back on stress with these tips to avoid acne and other healthy concerns. However, not all stress can or should be avoided, so use the correct skin care products to help.


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