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How To Clear Pores With The Kerafole Purge

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How To Clear Pores With The Kerafole Purge

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Ever wonder how to clear pores? The easiest way to clear and minimize the appearance of pores is with Bioelements fan favorite, Kerafole – a 10-minute tingling mask packed with hydrating algae, texture-improving kelp, toning clove, plus exfoliating malic and citric acids. You can use Kerafole once or twice a week to help prevent clogged pores, or you perform the cult-favorite, 7-Day Kerafole Purge for a complete purge of impurities. Read on to learn how to clear pores and reduce their appearance.

the myth about pores

Contrary to popular belief, pores do not open and close like windows. What they do is stretch from age, skin type, and environmental factors. Once they are stretched, you cannot shrink them, which is why taking good care of your skin is crucial to prevent large pores. However, if you already have large pores, you can dramatically reduce their appearance with the Kerafole Purge.

the kerafole purge

The Kerafole Purge is an intensive treatment plan that will purge your skin's impurities, sweep away dulling cells to minimize the appearance of pores and uncover fresh, revitalized skin. Simply apply Bioelements Kerafole facial mask for 10 minutes every day for a week – that's 7 days straight.

As for Kerafole Purge results? After 7 days, your skin will experience a complete "purge" and emerge clearer, smoother and brighter.

Not only will this algae-based purging facial mask help vacuum out pore-stretching debris, but it helps hydrate the skin. This will prevent your pores from stretching any further and greatly reduce their current appearance.

Your skin will look radiant, appear brighter, and feel smoother immediately after you complete the Kerafole Purge, but the trick to fantastic skin is maintenance. Cleansing, exfoliating and targeting the causes of skin issues are critical skin care components, especially if pore size is the problem.

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brought to you by the Bioelements Esthetics Experts Panel

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Doranda Miller
Doranda Miller

Love this purging mask!!! Will repurchase again only contraindicated is if your allergic to shell fish other then that it’s an awesome mask and the tingling is phenapheno!!

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