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Chemical peels for acne: Do you really need one?


Chemical peels for acne: Do you really need one?

Chemical peels and acne aren't often associated, but did you know they can help clear your skin? Not only can they help existing acne, but they can diminish acne scars as well. Keep reading to see how they work and why you should choose chemical peels for acne.


Chemical peels for acne

Modern chemical peels can treat a multitude of different skin concerns, like the ones below:

  • Premature age signs (fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Dehydration
  • Post acne dark spots (PIH)
  • Clogged pores (blackheads, whiteheads)
  • Enlarged pores
  • Milia
  • Dull skin/smoker's skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rough texture
  • Excessive milia and deep skin congestion
  • Poor elasticity/loss of firmness

Many people don't realize that chemical peels can treat existing acne and acne scars. A chemical peel for acne can treat inflamed breakouts, clogged pores, and mild to deep scarring and hyperpigmentation.

"Chemical peels in general are highly recommended as an excellent treatment for rejuvenating the outer layers of the skin. They can help control excess oil production and clear dead skin cells, which results in fewer breakouts." –Carol Byrne, Bioelements educator

When you think of a chemical peel, you may envision peeling, red, flaky skin that makes you need to hide your face for days while you heal. But those are the old-school, traditional chemical peels. Today's chemical peels are modern, non-ablative formulas that work by chemically removing dead and dulling skin cells while hydrating, detoxifying, sedating and nourishing the skin. Zero pain, zero flaking, zero downtime.

"This creates a way to unclog resistive congestion in the skin and remove damaged skin cells that form acne scars and post acne hyperpigmentation." –Rhonda Robb, licensed esthetician and Bioelements educator


Bioelements Chemical Peels

Traditional chemical peels use a high percentage of one single acid, which peels the entire upper level of the skin away. The recovery time for traditional peels can often last a week or more with skin that is bright red, scabbed, and painful. However, with modern formulas you can receive all the benefits of traditional peels without any of the negative side effects or any downtime.

Bioelements Ultra-Detox Chemical Peels use multiple acids plus built-in natural buffers to coax the skin into shape rather than assault it. You can use these chemical peels for acne and scarring, even though they are gentler than traditional peels.

Depending on which peel your esthetician chooses, you can target symptoms of inflamed acne grades 2 and 3 (acne papules and pustules), target clogged pores, scarring, stubborn milia, enlarged pores, chronic blackheads and whiteheads, hyperpigmentation and chronic congestion.

To book a chemical peel for acne, find a Bioelements spa near you.


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Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel

Hi Laura,nIt depends on the strength of chemical peel. We recommend talking to an esthetician in your area. See our spa locator to find a Bioelements pro in your area:


How often should you get a chemical peel to treat acne scars?

Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel

Hi Paula, If your skin has an active sunburn, you need to wait until the skin heals before resuming your anti-aging At Home Agenda. Once the skin stops peeling, you can use Stress Solution or Recovery Serum to help the skin get back to normal. And, of course, wearing and reapplying your broad spectrum sunscreen as directed will help prevent future sunburns. This is very important, as even one sunburn greatly increases your skin’s risk of developing skin cancer. You care read more about these products here:

Paule Joelle Ingrid Voltaire
Paule Joelle Ingrid Voltaire

What protocol to use for anti aging sunburn skin, what type of treatment and the key ingredients in the product that will help the skin to rejuvate

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