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Skin emergency! How to cure a pimple overnight


Skin emergency! How to cure a pimple overnight

Have you ever had a huge pimple pop up right before a big day? Whether it's before a job interview, a wedding, a date, or any other big occasion – we've all been there. Keep reading to learn how to cure a pimple overnight.

If you have oily skin, you can deal with zits as late as your 50s; oily or combination skin – well into your 40s. Wondering, "What is my skin type?" Take our skin type quiz to find out!

Regardless of your skin type, breakouts are often caused by stress, but sometimes breakouts are just bad luck. Hormones, medication, travel – something out of your control might bring them on when you least expect it.

Pro tip: Do you have a big event coming up? Start prepping your skin the week before with theright acne products toavoid unexpected stress acne.

When you wake up to a dreaded pimple before an event, there are several steps you can take to minimize the damage and even cure the pimple overnight:


How to cure a pimple overnight


1) Get yourself to an esthetician!

While facials aren't usually the first thought that comes to mind when dealing with a big pimple, you should consider estheticians your first line of defense in a pimple emergency.

A licensed esthetician can use professional-use-only products, techniques, and machines, like high frequency wands to tackle the problem at the source – something you cannot do at home.


2) Treat it locally

Spot-wash with an acne cleanser, like Spotless Cleanser, to begin destroying acne bacteria (called p. Acnes). After cleansing, apply a spot treatment like Breakout Control right over the pimple or breakout and regularly reapply as needed throughout the day. Keep the Breakout Control bottle with you, and keep dabbing it on!


Whatever you do, don't reach for the toothpaste as a spot treatment. Toothpaste on pimples only aggravates them, not heals them.


3) Mask

Before bedtime, apply Amino Mask locally on the zit (or over entire face if the breakout is widespread). Let the mask sit on your skin for 15 minutes and then gently rinse away with warm water.


This sulfur formula will penetrate the problem pore, remove excess oils and reduce any pimples, all while exfoliating lactic acid removes dulling dead cells to keep skin smooth and clear.


4) DO. NOT. POP. IT.

We've said this a million times, but never pop your pimple. That will only make matters worse (much worse!). Plus, makeup can cover a pimple, but makeup doesn't stick to an open wound. Attack your problem pore with topical products, not your fingers!


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3 Responses


Love Breakout Control…


I always have Breakout Control on hand for any pesky breakouts, it works wonders!


I use breakout control up to 3 times a day whenever I have a large zit, and when it comes to a head I extract it with a lancet. Overnight, I dab neosporin on it (vitamin e, coco butter, etc.) type of ingredients to help with any redness or scabbing. The next morning the area isn’t dry, or red, and is almost invisible!

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