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Beauty Self Care Ideas For Staying In

Beauty Self Care Ideas For Staying In

This post is brought to you by our Esthetics Experts Panel, composed of skin care professionals, educators + authorities with decades of experience in the industry.

Whether you find that you have some extra free time or are actively planning to treat yourself, self care is always a good idea. Sometimes daily life and responsibilities leave little opportunity for regular “me time” when it’s a very important element of staying healthy and happy - both inside and out.

Our Esthetics Experts Panel members share their recommendations for skin care techniques and feel-good self care ideas for when you want a quick and simple mood booster or are looking for a truly luxurious self care day at home.

take a skin care quiz

A great way to feel productive without exerting too much energy is taking some time to research your skin type. Our quick Skin Type Quiz will help you identify what your skin type is and help you find the best products for you. Once you know that you’re using the right products for your skin type, you’ll have the proper foundation for an effective skin care routine and then be able to incorporate products to target other specific skin concerns, like texture or dullness. Here are some all-in-one formulas that tackle multiple issues to elevate your current routine.

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try the 7-day kerafole purge

What is the Kerafole Purge? This 7-day intensive, at-home chemical-exfoliating treatment purges your skin's deepest impurities up and out of the epidermis to minimize the appearance of problem pores for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. Kerafole is a face mask packed with hydrating algae, texture-improving kelp, toning clove, plus exfoliating malic + citric acids to stimulate circulation throughout the skin, which signals deep toxins to move closer to the surface with each consecutive mask application - until they are finally purged out of the skin. After 7 days, your skin will experience a complete purge and emerge clearer, smoother and brighter.

give yourself an at-home facial

What’s more luxurious and pampering than an at-home facial? If you find yourself struggling to go to a spa or want to elevate your self care time, there are many benefits to an at-home facial - as long as you do it right! Click here to learn how to do a facial at home the right way, with tips and steps from our expert estheticians.

refresh + reorganize your skin care essenials

Going through to organize your medicine cabinet and beauty products is arguably one of the best feelings for those looking to make a tangible change. Whether your top shelf simply needs to be rearranged or refreshed, it’s always good to look at your current products and identify what should go and what stays. We recommend the following self care ideas for feeling productive in your bathroom beauty journey:

  • Get rid of any expired products
  • Simplify your daily skin care routine
  • Stock up on products so you don’t run out

If you're looking to simplify your routine to the bare skin care necessities, Bioelements 3-Step Starter Sets for every skin type are an incredible value for professional formulas. These skin care essentials make it easy to get healthy skin - without the guesswork. Plus, there are mini starter set options so you can test them out before committing to the full size. Check them out below!

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make self care a daily practice

Regardless of which of these activities you choose to do, the most important thing you can do to practice self care is simple: not just create a self care routine, but be consistent with it.

“I’ve made it a point to maintain my regular routine, as well as the little nighttime rituals I forgot I love!” shares Katie McMahon, licensed Bioelements esthetician and member of our Esthetics Experts Panel. “We have to make sure we’re doing what we can to stay sane. For me, that means making sure I’m not only continuing my regular skin care routine, but doing those extras that, let’s be honest, we tend to let slip.”

We recommend incorporating other self care practices that calm and center you so you can feel your best self, whether that’s skin care related or otherwise. Self care time is the time to go the extra mile and treat yourself - so go all out!

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brought to you by the Bioelements Esthetics Experts Panel

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