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Antioxidant Skin Care Benefits: How To Get Healthy Skin

Antioxidant Skin Care Benefits: How To Get Healthy Skin

You have probably heard of the importance of including antioxidants in your diet, but what about in your skin care? Antioxidants play a vital role in how your skin looks, functions, and ages. Read on to learn about different antioxidant benefits and how they can help your skin.

antioxidant benefit: fights free radicals

Ever watch a cut apple slice start to brown? That process is called oxidation – and it's caused by free radical destruction. Free radicals are highly unstable and reactive molecules that damage living cells. These can come from sunlight, smoking, everyday pollution and smog or other common stressors. Free radicals cause tissue damage, resulting in lines, dehydration and loss of volume.

Antioxidants are skin's superhero against free radicals. Vitamins C, A and E are potent antioxidants that helps protect the skin from the damage caused by free radicals.

antioxidant benefit: improves collagen + more

Protection against free radicals is only one of many antioxidant benefits; antioxidants can also increase collagen production. Why is collagen important for the skin? Collagen is your skin's main protein, and it helps keep your skin plump, firm and smooth. With time and poor lifestyle choices, collagen becomes weak and damaged, and antioxidants help to repair elasticity, lessen UV damage (although nothing will replace a broad spectrum sunscreen), ease inflammation, reduce breakouts and can improve texture. Simply stated: antioxidants make you skin function better, look better and feel better.

how to use topical antioxidants

When you include antioxidants in your diet (from foods like blueberries and dark green veggies), you are doing your body many favors, but unfortunately only a tiny percentage of those antioxidants will reach your skin. If you want the full range of antioxidant benefits, you will need to apply them topically as well. Thankfully antioxidants can be found in a multitude of different skin care products, from exfoliators to serumsand everything in between.

the best antioxidant skin care products

Bioelements works to continually provide the best antioxidant skin care. Many products contain highly effective antioxidant blends to tackle your biggest skin concerns. Here are the best antioxidant-rich products to add into your skin care routine.

plump start

Plump Start is powered by Collagen-4 Complex, 3 antioxidant Australian wild plums and a moisture-magnet marine bioactive. This innovative serum soaks deep into the epidermis to support and "plump up" skin where it needs it, providing provides a continuous veil of intelligent hydration for instant youthful fullness and long-term improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.

"Plump Start is packed with high levels of antioxidants – you can actually see the natural plum color – to scavenge skin-aging free radicals and stimulate skin's own moisture," shares Teresa Stenzel, licensed esthetician and member of our Esthetics Experts Panel. "It's a "liquid filler" that's completely different from standard hyaluronic acid formulas."

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vc10 daily glow

vc10 daily glow is the most superior and affordable vitamin C serum available. This formula features acerola cherries (which have 65x greater vitamin C than oranges) and other vitamin C derivatives that help fight free radicals as it targets the appearance of collagen breakdown, making it the ultimate antioxidant skin care product for healthy skin.

“vc10 daily glow is the real deal," says Dawn Gantt, licensed esthetician and member of the Bioelements Esthetics Experts Panel. "This highly effective, balanced formula features three forms of vitamin C, plus vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to deliver results without harsh side effects."

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Sleepwear has been a tried-and-true classic for years, as this overnight creme features a signature blend of calcium, retinol + peptides, plus antioxidant-rich cranberry seed oil and moisturizing shea butter, to smooth out lines and wrinkles while improving overall skin tone.

“Sleepwear has been loved for its anti-aging benefits since its launch in 1991," says Stenzel. "After applying it at night, all you need to do is go to bed - and you'll wake up with more youthful, rested skin!"

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If you have any more questions about antioxidant benefits, leave a comment below. We're here to help!

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