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Anti-pollution skin care: Yes, you need it

Anti-pollution skin care: Yes, you need it

Day in, day out exposure to pollution (from exhaust, smog, smoke, free radicals and even extreme climate) can cause many nasty side effects for your skin, like dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, weakened skin, dullness, and sensitivity. Using anti-pollution skin care is now more necessary than ever. There are many different ingredients commonly used in Bioelements products that help fight the toxic effects of pollution. Keep reading to learn the effects of pollution on skin and which anti-pollution ingredients you need.


Activated charcoal

When the shell of a coconut is heated and dried, the remaining charcoal develops a porous consistency. This porosity, (think of the tiny holes in a sponge) helps to draw toxins from pollution up and out of the skin. If applied in a series, this ingredient can help reverse the side effects of pollution and leave skin fresh and smooth.

Where to find this ingredient: Talk to a local esthetician to see if a Bioelements Glycolic Detox Charcoal Peel is right for you.


Algae and kelp

Kelp is incredibly beneficial for moving toxins through the body, stimulating circulation and helping it to become more resistive to the effects of pollution on skin. It can also soothe the skin and maintain hydration.

Red algae protects your skin against dryness and irritation caused by pollution by replenishing and maintaining skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

Where to find this ingredient:Fan-favorite Kerafole and NEW Remineralist Daily Moisture


Antioxidants (Vitamin C, A and E)

Antioxidants have so many benefits for the skin. They increase microcirculation, which helps stimulate the skin's self-cleansing, self-healing and self-regenerating ability. They can also reverse some of pollution's side effects by brightening skin and stimulating collagen to keep skin looking and feeling firmer.

Where to find this ingredient:Plump Start, Advanced VitaMineral C Complex, Pumice Peel, Extremely Emollient, etc


Chinese herbs

Bioelements' blend of Chinese herbs, ginseng, sumac, gotu kola, dong quai, watercress, and jiogulan  helps strengthen and balance the skin. This collection of ingredients work together to nourish skin, cleanse tissues, assist in the skin purging process, and increase skin's ability to bounce back.

Where to find these ingredients: Multi-Task Eye Creme, Measured Micrograins +, Quick Refiner, Restorative Clay, Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy, etc



Ginkgo biloba leaf

Besides being loaded with skin-strengthening antioxidants, it also has natural antibacterial properties, which helps the skin cleanse itself of bacteria and toxins.

Where to find this ingredient:Kerafole


Malachite extract

Copper-rich pollution magnet and heavy metal scavenger; this ingredient helps support skin's natural cellular "damage protection" system and neutralize everyday skin-aging oxidative stress

Where to find this ingredient:Remineralist Daily Moisture


Sea salt minerals

Unfortunately pollution and skin aging go hand in hand, but there are ingredients that will help counter the effects of pollution on skin – like the mineral-loaded cocktail in Remineralist Daily Moisture. The iron, manganese, selenium + zinc found in this product help replenish what pollution depletes and rebalance for proper skin function. It encourages vibrancy, stabilizes hydration levels and helps skin absorb vital trace minerals and nutrients.

Where to find this ingredient:Remineralist Daily Moisture



If you have any questions about the effects of pollution on skin or anti-pollution skin care, sign up for our email newsletter here or comment below!

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