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Why You Need An Anti-Pollution Moisturizer

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Why You Need An Anti-Pollution Moisturizer

Our increasingly dirty world is full of skin-aging atmospheric stressors, so much so that researchers now predict that pollution protection will impact skin care as much as UV protection. Keep reading to learn why you need an anti-pollution moisturizer.

why you need pollution protection skin care

Atmospheric stressors like pollution, industrial smoke, exhaust fumes, ozone, extreme weather and free radicals are increasingly common in today's world. Skin exposed to daily toxic pollution becomes prematurely aged, weakened, dull, dehydrated and sensitized.

Studies show people living in more polluted areas have significantly worse skin hydration and more pigmented spots on their skin than those who live in less polluted areas (1). Pollution can also accelerate the visible signs of aging, especially for individuals with sensitive skin (2). Point blank, modern day pollution ages you and leads to unhealthy skin.

The need for anti-pollution skin care is rising along with pollution rates, but thankfully Bioelements has a new pollution solution: Remineralist Daily Moisture.

bioelements anti-pollution moisturizer: remineralist daily moisture

Remineralist Daily Moisture is an anti-pollution moisturizer that is designed for ALL skin types and works to detoxify and defend the skin against stressors that cause lines, dehydration and irritation.

how it works

This oceanic formula replenishes skin's depleted minerals (copper, iron, manganese, selenium + zinc) to achieve the elemental equilibrium of young skin. An infusion of sea salt and red algae help detoxify and defend. Skin is endowed with even tone, renewed hydration, and powerful protection against the daily forces that cause aging.

Remineralist Daily Moisture:

  • Increases skin's moisture content up to 70%* in just 15 minutes
  • Red algae increases skin's natural hyaluronic acid by 211% and ceramides by 56% **
  • Copper-rich malachite acts as a pollution magnet and inhibits pollution-induced superoxide anions within the cell at a rate of more than 98% ***

why is it blue?

We never use artificial fragrance or dyes, so the color of our formulas comes straight from nature. Remineralist Daily Moisture gets its oceanic blue hue from the copper-rich mineral malachite, which helps detoxify and defend your skin against environmental stressors that cause lines, irritation and aging.

how to use at home

Apply Remineralist like you would any other moisturizer!Apply to entire face and neck each morning after cleansing. Oily or combination skin types can wear it alone as a lightweight layer, while dry skin types can apply it over a serum for extra hydration. Follow with a broad spectrum sunscreen.

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If you have any questions about our new anti-pollution moisturizer, Remineralist Daily Moisture, leave a comment below. We're here to help!

  1. Source: Journal of Investigative Dermatology
  2. Source: Skin Inc.

* Scientifically tested results of 69.87% based on a 15-womanbiophysical measurement study; ** In a 9 day ex-vivo study; *** In in-vitro testing

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