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5 Anti-Aging Skin Care Myths That Need To Be Stopped

5 Anti-Aging Skin Care Myths That Need To Be Stopped

Anti-aging skin care myths saturate the internet, much like other skin care myths. At best, these myths do nothing but waste your time and at worst, they actively cause harm to your complexion. Keep reading to learn the top 5 most common anti-aging skin myths and the real ways to keep a youthful complexion.


1) Myth: Petroleum jelly cures wrinkles

While petroleum jelly has its uses, curing wrinkles is not one of them. This old wives' tale just won't go away. The only time you should use petroleum jelly is when you have a minor cut, scrape or burn. This is because it forces your skin's natural oil into itself and prevents it from evaporating so it can heal quicker. If you slather your face with petroleum jelly you won't get rid of wrinkles – instead you will just cause breakouts.

If you really want to get rid of wrinkles, try Plump Start. This intensive plumping concentrate surges moisture deep into the skin to scavenge skin aging free radicals and visually improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


2) Myth: Aging is all genetic – you can't control it

While your genes do play a role in aging, there are many external factors that cause your skin to age faster. Pollution, the climate you live in, poor nutrition, stress, bad lifestyle habits, and most importantly, UV exposure, all contribute to aging skin.

Genetics may be partially to blame, but if you lead a healthy lifestyle and use the right anti-aging skin care you can significantly slow down the process.


3) Myth: You only need SPF on sunny days

This could not be further from the truth. The vast majority (a whopping 90%) of visible aging is caused by UV damage (1). Unfortunately, in order to truly protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, you need to wear a broad spectrum SPF, like RayDefense, every single day.  Even on cloudy days, 80% of UV rays still reach you (2).


4) Myth: What works for someone else will work for you

Skin care is not one size fits all, even when it comes to anti-aging. Unfortunately, many other companies create anti-aging products that are marketed for the masses. This usually results in trick products that wreak havoc on oily skin. It's important to do your research and find products designed not only for your true skin type, but for your skin concerns as well. Everyone is different, so don't buy into mass marketed anti-aging products.


5) Myth: Pain means your skin care is working

The expression "pain is beauty" is a myth. Your skin care should never be painful.  If your skin burns or stings after applying your anti-aging products, then those are the wrong products for you.

"Stinging skin is often an indication of severe dehydration (Trans Epidermal Water Loss), or irritation," says Bioelements Director of Education, Teresa Stenzel. This dehydration and irritation can actually age your skin quicker.


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