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Causes of Aging Skin: Free Radical Damage

Causes of Aging Skin: Free Radical Damage

Do you know what free radicals are? They're one of the top causes of skin aging, yet many people have never heard of them. Keep reading to learn what free radicals are, how they age the skin, and how to prevent free radical damage.


What are free radicals?

Free radicals are highly unstable and reactive molecules that damage living cells. These can come from everyday pollution and other common stressors, like the ones listed below:

  • Everyday air pollutants
  • Smog
  • UV rays
    • Up to 80% of free radical damage is caused by the sun (1). Always wear a broad spectrum SPF!
  • Lack of sleep and exercise
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Fried foods
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Pesticides


How do they cause the skin to age?

Ever watch a cut apple slice start to brown? That process is called oxidation – and it's caused by free radical destruction. Oxidation is when free radicals damage a parts of the cells, such as proteins, DNA, cell membranes and more (2).

When oxidation occurs, the cells lose their ability to function normally. Free radical damage can lead to tissue damage, which results in wrinkles, lines, dehydration and loss of youthful volume.

As free radical damage occurs, cells and tissues are damaged. The body tries to compensate for this by activating inflammatory pathways. However, inflammation is not restricted to only the damaged areas and it often spills over into surrounding healthy tissue (3). Inflammation degrades collagen and elastin, which leads to premature sagging and line formation.


How to prevent free radical damage

Antioxidants are skin's superhero against free radicals. Vitamins C, A and E are all potent antioxidants that help protect the skin from the damage caused by free radicals.

Bioelements Plump Start is a plum-infused antioxidant concentrate. This intensive plumping concentrate surges moisture deep into the surface layers of the skin to soak it with vitamin C charged antioxidants. This scavenges skin aging free radicals from 70-85% (4).

Not only does Plump Start prevent aging caused by free radical damage to skin, but it also provides a continuous veil of intelligent hydration to help support the skin's natural volume. This "liquid filler" is completely different from standard hyaluronic acid formulas because it stimulates the skin's own moisture while high levels of antioxidants scavenge free radicals.

Aside from antioxidants, skin detoxification is another crucial step to reduce free radical damage. Skin detoxification improves and optimizes the function of your skin's naturally detoxifying systems. There are methods to detoxify the skin both at home and in the spa. Learn more about skin detoxification here.


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