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8 Esthetician skin care rules you need to follow

8 Esthetician skin care rules you need to follow

Estheticians know how to get great skin; it's their job. However, what an esthetician can do in the treatment room is just the first step – the rest is up to you. Keep reading to see the esthetician skin care rules you need to follow for stunning skin.


1) Slow and steady wins the race

A good esthetician will coax the skin into shape, rather than assault it. This rule applies both in the treatment room and in your daily skin care routine. When you are too aggressive with your skin care, you risk injury and further skin concerns, especially when it comes to cleansing, exfoliating, and spot treatments.

Exfoliation is crucial for great skin, but over-exfoliation, whether that's scrubbing too hard or too often, can spread acne-causing bacteria and cause PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

If a treatment at the spa is too aggressive too soon, it can cause similar injuries. That's why you must do your research beforehand and find a great esthetician who will slowly shape your skin to reach your goals. Find a Bioelements Spa near you.

"A slow and steady improvement is much better than an aggressive assault on the skin, which may cause a severe reaction."  – Carol Byrne, esthetician


2) Always remove your makeup before bed

This is one of the most important esthetician skin care tips – and many don't follow it. You may think you just don't have the energy to cleanse your skin when you're exhausted after a long day, but the results are worth it. If you sleep with your makeup on, you let the dirt, oil, debris, makeup, and bacteria push deep into your pores, which leaves you prone to irritation, acne, premature age signs, dehydration, and more. Trust us, and take the extra few minutes to cleanse properly. And no, makeup wipes won't cut it.


3) Be consistent

To receive the best results, use your recommended skin care every day without fail, and avoid jumping from new product to new product. Give your formulas the chance to do what they're designed to do.

To maintain and further the amazing results you receive in the spa, you need to receive regular treatments and follow your esthetician skin care routine. "Estheticians work with clients in each facial and make tweaks to their treatment that will keep the skin progressing and becoming better, stronger and younger-looking." – Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education


4) Never pop a pimple

We can't say this enough: never pop your pimples. This can rupture your weakened follicle and spill bacteria, oil and cellular debris underneath your skin, which leads to more breakouts. When you pop your pimples you can cause a permanent scar or surge of melanin.

"Never pick a blemish. The discoloration can last a lifetime. Opt for a spot treatment that can heal it quickly." –Carol Byrne


5) Get enough sleep

There is a strong connection between sleep and flawless skin. Not only does your skin heal itself at night, but its protective barrier weakens, allowing for greater penetration of active ingredients in skin care. Make sure to not only get 7-9 hours of sleep every night, but to use the correct overnight products, like Sleepwear, to wake up with great skin.


6) Protect yourself

All estheticians agree that sunscreen is a daily necessity no matter what. Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of aging, skin cancer, and hyperpigmentation. Every time you skip SPF you put yourself at risk. This rule applies to all skin tones. "Skin with more melanin still needs to be protected from the sun. Everyone, regardless of skin tone, can still develop skin cancer and premature aging." – Renee Harvey, esthetician

Protect yourself and apply SPF 50 FaceScreen daily. It's light enough to wear under makeup as a daily moisturizer.


7) Listen to the professionals

Estheticians know what they're talking about when it comes to skin. Express your concerns and take their advice to get your best skin.

 "Licensed estheticians are trained to not only give you result-driven treatments, but they will share with you the knowledge you need to achieve great skin." – Jarrod Alexander Goad, licensed esthetician,Hair Chiasso

Always supply your esthetician with ample information about your skin, because it will help them make the best decisions in the treatment room and give you amazing results.


8) Follow directions

Have you ever been tempted to leave products on longer than directed or apply more than what is recommended, thinking you'll boost the results? Think again. Skin care products, especially those with potent ingredients, need to be used exactly as directed. Otherwise you risk irritation, hyperpigmentation, and more.


If you have any questions or comments about esthetician skin care tips and rules, sign up for our newsletter here or comment below!

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