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6 shortcuts that won't sabotage your skin

6 shortcuts that won't sabotage your skin

In the search for a skin care routine that will give you your best skin yet, it's easy to get side-tracked by beauty "hacks" that promise to get you there in half the time. Lately, we've been seeing more of these tips in misguided articles that confuse skin-saving with time-saving. Believe it or not, the two can go hand-in-hand – but reducing your skin care routine down to a single makeup wipe isn't the way to great skin. It, much like many of the other "tricks" we've been reading, can do your skin more harm than good.


First, let's start with the time-saving "tip" we just mentioned. Makeup wipes are easily the most popular suggestion for pairing down a skin care routine. You might feel like you're seeing results when you throw a makeup-smeared wipe away at the end of the day, but nothing removes the day's makeup, dirt, and pore-clogging impurities from skin as well as a cleanser and water. When you rely only on a wipe, the invisible dirt it can't remove (along with the cleanser residue from the wipe itself!), will remain on your skin. From there, this residue can get pushed deep into your pores – the perfect recipe for a skin irritation and breakouts.


Another mess-free time-saver we've heard recommended is to replace your exfoliant with a washcloth or sponge. But unless you're prepared to replace them every day, cloths and sponges can become a breeding ground for bacteria, leaving your skin open to injury or infection (instead, try #2 on the list below).


The most ridiculous shortcut we've heard is to skip cleansing in the morning altogether because your skin is still clean from the night before. Truth is, your skin is anything but clean after a night's sleep – when scalp and skin oils, plus hair product residue and invisible mites living in your bedding get pushed into your skin.  

Don't sabotage your skin with shortcuts that prioritize simplicity over the health of your skin. Here are 6 ways you can shave time off your routine without sabotaging your skin.

  1. Mix in a facial mask.No time to fit in your regular mask? Get a small dose of your favorite supercharged ingredients by mixing it in with your cleanser! Blend a small amount of Kerafole mask with Moisture Positive Cleanser to create a stimulating, creamy clay cleanser for a dry skin type.
  2. Double your duties.Exfoliate and cleanse at once when you mix your daily cleanser with a physical exfoliator. Try blending Pumice Peel or Measured Micrograins + into your cleanser for added physical exfoliation.
  3. Make your moisturizer work harder. Mix a pump of a problem solving serum into your daily moisturizer to create a skin care blend that will save time and target your top concerns.
  4. Spritz and set.Recharge your skin while you boost your look's lasting power. Mist on your toner immediately after applying your makeup to 'set' makeup and give skin a dewy finish.
  5. Stretch your serum.Get skin care benefits from your makeup primer when you prep skin with a serum like Recovery Serum. It ensures foundation goes on smoothly and lasts. Bonus: use any excess left on your hands to smooth the ends of your hair, or soften dry cuticles!
  6. Multi-Task Your Moisture – Dab your daily moisturizer on your cuticles for nice nails.

Have any time-saving tips you want to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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