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4 Skin Do’s for Fall – and 1 Big Don’t


4 Skin Do’s for Fall – and 1 Big Don’t


This time of year, our inbox gets flooded with questions from fans about breakouts, rough texture and flakiness. The single thing they all have in common? The weather! Fall is here. And Fall  means a switch to colder temperatures and drier air. Moisture gets pulled from the skin, leaving it weak and dehydrated so problems like irritation, dehydration, and breakouts can increase. Your skin care routine needs to adapt! Follow our season-shifting skin care tips below for an easy transition into cooler temps.

DO:Switch up your cleanser

Here's Why: If your skin's suddenly feeling tight right after you cleanse, the fall weather may be to blame. You may need a more hydrating formula. Try creamy, rich Moisture Positive Cleanser to wash away impurities and leave skin more comfortable.

DO:Give your skin a drink with toner

Here's Why:We've said it a million times and we'll say it a million more – never skip toner. Why? Because it stabilizes your skin, hydrates it and makes the rest of your skin care products work even better. Any time you rinse your skin with water, follow it a with spritz or two of toner. If your skin's feeling more uncomfortable or looking a bit more irritated this time of year, try Calmitude Hydrating Solution to hydrate, protect and fight redness.

DO:Use a gentle exfoliator

Here's Why:Even sensitive skin this time of year can benefit from exfoliation – you just need to find the right formula. Measured Micrograins + microfine scubbing granules float in skin-comforting colloidal oatmeal. Use it a few times a week as a gentle exfoliator, or apply it, let it dry a minute as a mask, then wet your fingertips and massage it on the skin with small circular movements before rinsing off. You'll see brighter skin with more refined pores and less noticible fine lines.

DO:Look for hyaluronic acid

Here's Why:This powerful hydrating ingredient binds up to 1000x its weight in water to the skin, so it's ideal for dehydrated skin in the fall. It's packed in Moisture x10 – apply a pump to skin right before moisturizer. It'll boost its efficiency so it works even better.

And now the…

DON'T:Skip the SPF in the fall and winter.

Here's Why:Two-thirds of the sun damage you encounter comes from daily activities like your commute and running errands – not the beach vacation! That means skipping the SPF in the fall and winter leaves exposed skin on your face, v-neck area, tops of your ears, and hands vulnerable to aging UV rays. Make applying a broad spectrum sunscreen a part of your skin care routine year-round by applying it last –right before makeup.

Do you notice any changes in your skin this time of year? Let us know in the comments.

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Barbara Salomone
Barbara Salomone

Hi Martha – Click on each product’s name/link in the blog – you’ll see the price for each. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Martha Delgado
Martha Delgado

i would love to buy it what’s the price?

Anna@ skin infection
Anna@ skin infection

I really like these skin care tips. I will start using cleanser and toner because in every winter I feel my face skin tight after every face wash.

Martha Delgado
Martha Delgado

What’s the price?

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