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4 Treatment Room Tips to Expect the Unexpected

4 Treatment Room Tips to Expect the Unexpected

Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit


Skin care professionals: Have you ever been taken by surprise in the treatment room? Try as we might to ensure a smooth, relaxing facial with a carefully assembled step-by-step process, real life is unscripted. Clients can have unexpected sensitivities – so smart estheticians will always have a plan in place for any time a treatment takes an unexpected turn. Here are our 4 tips for staying on top of unexpected treatment room situations.

1.      Stay alert

Just as you look for visual clues about a client's skin during the SkinReading, you should also be on the lookout throughout the treatment, as you stimulate the skin. Doing so can help you determine whether a client is experiencing a negative reaction. Here's what to look for:

  • Uncomfortable itching
  • Hot sensations
  • Pain or burning
  • Excessive redness/erythema
  • Swelling/edema or welting

2.      Keep a skin sedation kit at the ready

Once you identify a negative reaction, you need to be prepared to act! No treatment room is complete without an all-in-one skin sedation kit filled with essential items for calming the skin. Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit is a must-have in every pro's took kit.

Complete with 3 quick-mix masks, this Kit contains a Bioelements Emergency Soothing Mask for fast-action relief from burning, itching, or irritation, Bioelements Emergency Skin Sedation Mask – a necessity for neutralizing acids after exfoliation and surface peeling, and Bioelements Comedone Removal Prep Mask to ensure skin is soft and pliable for safe and easy extractions. Together, they create a trifecta of preparedness. You can find all the details on Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit when you sign up as a professional at Bioelements.com/pros.

3.      Stay calm

Keeping your treatment room equipped with the right products can go a long way, but a successful professional knows that it's best to remain calm above all else. If you just remember that you're in control of everything that goes on in your room, any issue can be addressed with confidence and speed.

4.      Sedate & Satisfy

If a negative reaction should occur during a treatment, immediately stop what you're doing and assess the situation. Remove the product with cool water and a soft gauze or cotton – not a towel. Apply an Emergency Soothing Mask to rapidly relieve the negative sensations, and finish with a protective serum (like Bioelements Recovery Serum) and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. If there are open lesions or blisters, refer the client to a dermatologist. Ensure that your client can contact you with questions and follow up with her 12-14 hours later to check in and invite her for a follow-up soothing mask to continue treatment.

Learn more about The Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit, including the Bioelements Emergency Skin Sedation treatment room technical guide – an easy-to-follow how-to chart with product info and step-by-steps at www.Bioelements.com/pros.

How have you dealt with unexpected situations in the treatment room? Tell us in the comments.

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