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4 spring break beauty tricks for gorgeous skin NOW!

4 spring break beauty tricks for gorgeous skin NOW!

Whether you're escaping the cold with a tropical trip or are planning an extended staycation, spring break marks the perfect time to start preparing your skin for warmer weather. Here are our top 4 tricks for getting gorgeous skin no matter what your spring break plans are!

1. Prep with the ultimate smoothing supplies.

Hidden under layers of clothing all winter, it can be hard to remember what your healthy, glowing skin looked like pre-deep freeze. Give yourself a reminder starting a week before your trip with the full-body, skin-smoothing secret professionals use in the treatment room: Dry Brushing. Used once a day from neck to toes, a professional dry brush gently exfoliates your skin and revs up your circulation, instantly making your skin supremely smooth and glowing. Brush skin to shed dead, dulling skin before you shower, then follow up with a creamy cleanser and emollient moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and nourished before your trip. Staying home instead? Start dry brushing daily now so your skin is perfectly prepped by the time warm weather rolls around. Learn how to dry brush at home with our video tutorial below!

2. Get a facial fix.

Even though it's a great way to get a pre-vacation glow, booking time in the treatment room can fall to the bottom of a long list of things to do before a vacation. Staying close to home for the break? Look no further than a Bioelements Spa for skin that looks like you just spent a week relaxing at the beach!


3. Plan ahead, save your skin.

Sometimes we hear from people who have just come back from a relaxing vacation, but you would never know it from their skin. Whether their oily skin is out of control or their breakouts are back, our first question is always, "What did you use while you were away?" More often than not, they forgot to pack their skin care essentials, and instead had to use the one-size-fits-all amenities that were provided to them while they were gone. Save your skin the SOS, and pack travel sizes of your daily skin care products so your skin stays in-balance and healthy no matter where you are. While we're talking essentials, don't leave home without a broad spectrum sunscreen!

Travel Skin Care Kit

4. Pack for t-zone trouble.

After so many months of combating dry winter skin, an oily t-zone can be the last thing on your mind. But for those heading to a warmer vacation destination, long-forgotten breakthrough shine could be back in full force and ready to ruin your makeup. In addition to packing your complete daily skin routine, throw in an oil control solution. Use a mattifying cream before you apply your makeup to control oil production and blot excess shine at the surface of your skin. Oil-blotting results are immediate, and if you see breakthrough shine throughout the day, it's also a pore-friendly alternative to a blotting paper, which only pushes breakout-causing bacteria right back into your pores! You can apply more wherever needed without worrying about disturbing your makeup.

Oil Control Mattifier

Are you packing for a spring break trip or planning a relaxing staycation at home? Tell us in the comments.


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