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3 pieces of skincare advice you should never follow


3 pieces of skincare advice you should never follow

In the digital age, information can spread like wildfire – some of it true, some of it not. Especially when it comes to skin care advice. We're shocked at the things we read online – from blogs to Twitter and everything in between – that just gets skin care do's and don'ts flat out wrong. Here are three of the most widely-spread pieces of skin care "advice," and the reasons why you should never follow them. Ever.

Bad Skin Care Advice #1:"You don't need to wash your face in the morning – only at night."

The misconception that your face is just as clean in the morning as it was the night before – therefore you can skip a step in the AM – has made this tip go viral. Your face may look and feel fresh after a night of repair from the previous day's damage, but the pillow you rest your head on every night is likely laden with oil from your hair, face and scalp as well as bacteria from sweat – and that's just after one night! Considering most pillowcases are not washed every day, imagine what your skin encounters after multiple nights. If that's not enough to keep you running to the sink every morning, we don't know what is! So cleanse your skin every single morning with a cleanser designed for your exact skin type. It's the first step in a complete AM skin care agenda.

Bad Skin Care Advice #2: "Skip your nose when applying moisturizer."

Some people will try anything to clear a blackhead-prone nose (pore "fillers" are proof!), but this is one tip to definitely avoid. Properly moisturizing will prevent skin from overproducing sebum – one of the sources for blackheads. That means that skipping out on hydration can actually make your blackhead problems worse. Instead, make sure you exfoliate regularly to keep skin clear of the excess dirt and dead skin cells that can clog pores. Try a physical scrub like Pumice Peel, or a chemical exfoliant like Quick Refiner – a leave-on exfoliator that that will remove dead, dulling, pore-clogging cells. Add a weekly mask like Restorative Clay to vacuum up excess oil and dirt, to keep pores looking small and completely clear of blackheads.

Bad Skin Care Advice #3: "You don't need to use toner."

This is one of our favorite misconceptions to correct. Going without toner after cleansing is like skipping the conditioner step of your hair routine. Much like your hair cuticles will stay open without conditioner and be left vulnerable to damage from heat styling, skipping toner will leave your skin vulnerable to the elements and less prepared to take in the products you apply next. Plus, toner returns your skin back to a healthy pH balance – always spritz it on skin after it's been rinsed with water to re-stabilize and replenish. It's one of the most misunderstood products – and one of the easiest ways to maintain hydrated, calm, healthy skin.

What bad skin care advice have you been given? Did you take it and regret t? Let us know in the comments!


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Rich Amor
Rich Amor

I can add it one. Don’t use peeling scrub while you have acne. This is a misconception, because there are many scrubs that suitable for skin with acne, effective to remove oils, without leave your acne being hurts.

Rita Holland
Rita Holland

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! #1 was advice that I received in a makeup class and I almost got up and walked out of the room. Could not believe I was hearing such horrid advice. Thanks for giving me great feedback to give my staff that was also in the class with me!

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