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20 Facial Treatment Pet Peeves of Spa Goers


20 Facial Treatment Pet Peeves of Spa Goers

Both spa goers and spa professionals want their facial treatment experience to be pleasant and relaxing. But certain habits can turn a soothing 60 minutes into a sequence of total distraction. We took to Bioelements Facebook page to ask spa-goers what their pet-peeves are when getting a facial. Here's what they listed as their top treatment room no-no's – some of them might surprise you!

Spa-goers Facial Treatment Pet Peeves:

20. When the esthetician leaves the room during the treatment

19. Too much talking

18. Background noise: slamming doors, cabinets, and outside noise like car horns, etc.

17. Too much pressure, or not enough pressure

16. Towels with fabric softener

15. Selling product during the facial

14. Painful extractions

13. Skin care professionals chewing gum

12. Product left behind on the jaw or hairline

11. A choppy massage that doesn't flow from one motion to the next

10. Estheticians who smell like cigarettes

9. Strong perfume

8. Estheticians with stinky hands

7. Sloppy application of product

6. When the product is too cold

5. Estheticians with long, rough, or hangnails

4. Movements too close to the ears – example: wiping product on the towel right next to the ears.

3. Estheticians with loud, hurried or heaving breathing

2. No warning before touching the face

1. "My pet peeve is… I hate it when the facial is finished!"

Skin care professionals: Are you guilty of any of these facial faux pas? Take note for your next treatment so both you and your client can have the best experience possible.

Spa goers: Have more pet-peeves to add? Tell us in the comments below.

Next week we flip the script… and share Facial Treatment Pet Peeves from Estheticians!


2 Responses

F. Garcia
F. Garcia

I agree with all of them but 4. My cliemts LOVE when you touch their ears, as there are many sensory nerves located. Its probably on the part of the sloppy Aesthetician rubbing too hard and fast.


I remember when I was in school one of my fellow classmates was a smoker…she always had stinky, cold hands and one of my other classmates had the WORST breath!!! I can’t believe bad breath wasnt on here! :-)

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