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The 2 ingredients you'll regret finding in your skin care

The 2 ingredients you'll regret finding in your skin care

Articles that tout the virtues of using a product with one ingredient over another are never in short supply, but what about those you should avoid? I'm not talking about ingredients that those with specific skin concerns should avoid (like using a physical exfoliant on inflamed acne), but ingredients that could actually harm any skin – no matter what. They're in far more of your skin care products than you might think, yet they have absolutely no skin benefits. Read on to find out what they are, and how to spot them on your skin care labels.


You might look at a brightly colored cleanser, or a glittery lotion, and think it could be a pretty addition to your daily routine. But do you really think a pink creme is going to be more effective than an identical product made without dye? Why would you want artificial dyes or colorants anywhere near your skin? Artificial dyes serve no purpose, and they're a skin irritation risk you shouldn't take.

Look at your labels and keep an eye out for dyes like Yellow No. 5, Blue No. 1, and other colorants. If you see it, move on to a dye-free formula. Bioelements products are formulated without artificial colorants. In fact, we choose ingredients only if they're truly doing something beneficial to your skin. If not, what's the point? With professional strength formulas meant to target the toughest skin concerns, there's no room for excess "fluff" ingredients that can only irritate or damage skin. Many Bioelements products have a signature color that's due completely to a natural ingredient with skin benefits. For example, Sensitive Skin Cleanser's signature yellow hue comes from olive oil that softens and soothes skin during cleansing. Kerafole's pale green tint comes from hydrating, moisturizing algae and kelp. And Advanced VitaMineral Deep Detox Mask has a striking gray color due to detoxifying activated coconut charcoal.


It's not just artificial dyes you need to watch out for. Check your labels for synthetic fragrance, or "parfum", which can be can be just as bad for the skin. Not only does it not provide any skin care benefits, it can cause negative skin reactions! You'll find no perfume in Bioelements skin care products – our signature scent comes from purposefully chosen, natural essential oils and botanical extracts, which have specific benefits including hydrating, calming and invigorating the skin.

We took to Bioelements Facebook page to learn more about the product Bioelements fans love the scent of, and there was no shortage of feedback! Here are some of our favorites:

Zakiya: Kerafole "smells like a winter hug!"

Janelle Miranda: "Comfortably Clean Shower Gel wakes me up every morning!"

Cipriana Sanchez: "Peptide spray. The smell makes me feel more alert and refreshed!"

Gretchen Klein: "Crucial Moisture – It smells clean only better. My skin felt like it was taking a sip of water this morning."

There you have it – your skin care products don't need artificial fragrance or dye so you know they're working. The way your skin feels should say it all.

Which Bioelements products do you love the scent of, and why? Tell us in the comments!

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