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2 Awkward Spa Situations and their Simple Solutions

2 Awkward Spa Situations and their Simple Solutions

Awkward spa stories

Treatment rooms are intimate. So it's no surprise that awkward situations can happen at any time. Still, whether it's a little drool or a quiet snore, no situation is too awkward to skip the amazing benefits of a professional spa treatment experience! We asked Bioelements Facebook fans to share their "spawkward" stories and they delivered – read on to learn more and find out the surprisingly simple solutions for each of them.

The Spa Snoozer – Dawn Cox, esthetician: "Once the music was so soothing and I was doing facial manipulations and dozed off while giving the facial. But my hands never stopped moving and the client never knew."

Solution: Believe it or not, the answer here doesn't necessarily have to do with getting more sleep. The treatment room environment is designed to allow clients to fully relax and disconnect. Reactions to this can include anything from falling asleep to chatting, and even crying – and we've experienced them all! As estheticians, it's hard not to be in tune with what the client is doing or how they are feeling – that connection can be the difference between a so-so treatment and a stellar one.  But it's important to stay in-tune while maintaining a separation so you don't risk losing yourself in the facial as well. Our favorite way to do this is to really focus on the movements and techniques we're performing. This ensures we're focused more on how the treatment is affecting the client – and not on joining them!

The Digestion Distraction – Luciana A  madeo, esthetician:"I had a client that requested the spa music off because she preferred a more 'natural' ambiance. I complied, but felt SO BAD because her tummy started gurgling throughout the entire facial service. Nothing more natural than a tummy gurgle!"

Solution:The ideal reaction here depends on the esthetician's relationship with the client. Close friends or regular clients might not mind a friendly comment or lighthearted joke "You sound just as hungry as I am!" before continuing on with the treatment. But at the end of the day, the client's comfort is your number one priority. Rather than bringing it up and introducing a negative where it isn't needed, focus harder on remaining in control of the treatment so your client feels comfortable and can fully relax. If on the other hand it's your own stomach, feel free to acknowledge it and move on so both you and your client can resume relaxation!

Are you an esthetician or spa-goers with a #spawkward story of your own? Share it in the comments or on our Facebook post!


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