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19 of the Worst Sun Burn Stories

19 of the Worst Sun Burn Stories


We asked Bioelements Facebook page fans to share their bad sunburn stories and they gave us the best of the worst! Read the best parts of their shared stories below, and comment below with the first and last name of whose story deserves a prize. The three stories with the most votes will WIN three Bioelements Broad Spectrum Sunscreens of their choosing. PLUS – we'll also pick three commenters at random to win the same prizes!

  1. The Snorkeling Sizzle – Deb Cohen:  "I never thought to put on sunblock since I was in the water. I was burnt super bad. On the plane ride home I was peeling and itching so bad I kept rubbing my back on the seat. I was so embarrassed when we deplaned and I looked at all the skin on the airplane seat."
  2. A Tomato Tint – Erica Maynor's: "We were all swimming for the day and after playing around, a family member decided to lay on a raft. [They] woke up with a big ole hand print on their tummy! Red as a tomato with a white hand dead center!"
  3. A Hot Head – Lisa Myisiewicz: "Totally FRIED the top of my head thru my fine, long blonde hair. For the next week I had to keep spraying my head with Spray to cool my head off and take Advil for my fever. The peeling on my head was hilarious too!"
  4. Bad Bikini Burn – Jessica Harden Schubert: "3 day out door music festival in July in nothing but a bikini! Fire engine red for days after and a touch of sun poisoning."
  5. Lobster Legs – Julie Mysiewicz : "I was laying on my stomach on a big black tube. I burned the back of my legs so bad that it hurt to put jeans on or if my skin touched anything that wasn't soft. I walked funny too because it hurt to bend my legs because the backs of my knees hurt from the burn. I had two toned legs, super white in front, lobster red in the back!"
  6. Tanning Bed Torture – Alyssa Wilson: "I was young and stupid and put baby oil on. I was in [the tanning bed] for about five minutes and my skin literally popped. I had blisters all over my butt and boobs along basically my entire body. I couldn't sit down for over a week and just laid on my side with burn gel and lydocaine."
  7. Spring Break Burn – Petunia Higgenbottom: "Pale lily white me went to FL for Spring Break… and used tanning oil. I was red before I got home and just got redder. I was sun sick all night, chills, nausea, my body ached and burned. By the next morning, I was covered in blisters. I couldn't wear any of my clothes."
  8. Lake Woe-is-me – Michele Pereira Noland: "Went to the lake for the day and did not reapply sunscreen as often as I should have so I ended up getting 3rd-degree burns all over my back and legs. I couldn't even walk for two days after that. Then they ended up blistering really bad. Then, those blisters popped. THEN, I ended up with a staph infection…horrible."
  9. Heating Lamp Hurt – Denise Taylor:  "I sat in front of a heating/tanning lamp. Ended in er with 2nd degree burns, ouch."
  10. Graduation Ceremony Burn – Alyssa Rixson: "The sun was on our backs for 4 hours and I thought nothing of it. I had to wear a halter top for the next couple of weeks because it hurt to wear anything else. Now my shoulders are covered with solar lentigenes that I'm trying to lighten!"
  11. The Trampoline Tan – Vicky Menlo:  "One hot summer day I was too tired too jump on the trampoline so I decided to get a tan so I put my bikini on and laid there. I was so tan from the front but my back was so white. My skin was a tobacco tan. I will never fall asleep on a trampoline ever again."
  12. The Sun Lamp ScorchTressa DeRose: "I thought I would be smart and put [a sun lamp] about three inches in front of both legs. MISTAKE!! Second degree burns…finally had to see a doc, the burn so badly hurt. AND NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE A SUN LAMP!"
  13. A Baseball Burn – Annette Burgess Early: "I was watching little league tournaments and for whatever reason I took my socks and shoes off. I ended up with very burnt feet. They swelled up three times their size & I had blisters on the tops of my feet. I could not wear shoes for days. Pants legs touching it even hurt. I will never forget it."
  14. The Seaside Snooze – Sheena Marie Eaton: "We packed up and headed for the beach after partying hard the night before… Well both of us fell asleep…for 6 hours…our backsides were completely crisp and our front sides were not! To make things worse…we had to go to the E.R. were we were told that we gave ourselves 1st and 2nd degree burns…lesson learned…don't go to the beach hung over and fall asleep!!!"
  15. The Concert Catastrophe – Clint-Danielle Beach: "I fell asleep on the lawn at an all day concert! My entire body was a huge sunburn. I had to go to ER the next day because my legs were so burnt that I couldn't walk. I ended up having a second degree burn on my legs!!!"
  16. Bad Beach Burn – Erin Lovie Dearing:"I fell asleep at the beach. The whole front of my body was sunburnt and blistered. My arm was covering my eyes, so only the bottom half of my face was burnt and my whole backside was nice and pale.  It wasn't a good look. Blisters all over!"
  17. Extra-Strength Mistake – Echo LeBlanc Roy: "I was put in a extra strength tanning bed for a full 15 minutes…needless to say I didn't only look like a badly boiled lobster, but I also blistered causing scarring on my face in two spots!"
  18. Sun Bathing Burn – Cynthia Joy Knisely: "My mom was a sun worshiper and she took me to Lake Michigan to lay in the sun with her with her for 4 hours. When we got home my mom said I was having a heat stroke. I was burned all over my body. Everything hurt. My mom gave pain medication and stuff for a fever. I was real sick."
  19. The Natural Redhead – Andrea Darst: "I remember when we were little, we went camping and had to take my sister to the hospital for 3rd degree burns from a sunburn! She was in agony…I felt so bad for her!"

Ouch! The common theme in all of these of course is improper use – or no use – of a broad spectrum sunscreen. Make it a daily habit, just like showering or brushing your teeth. It takes 1 full ounce (that's about 1 shot glass-full) to stay protected from UVA and UVB rays. And don't forget to reapply as directed, every 2 hours.

Giveaway winners have been chosen! Congratulations to Kayte CookWatts, Melissa Mazzur, and Valerie –the commenters randomly chosen to receive three Bioelements Broad Spectrum Sunscreens of their choice.  The top-voted bad burn stories – also winners of three Bioelements Broad Spectrum Sunscreens of their choice – are Alyssa Wilson (Tanning Bed Nightmare) with 6 votes, Andrea Darst(The Natural Redhead) with 4 votes, Erin Lovie Dearing(Bad Beach Burn) with 3 votes, and Annette Burgess Early(Bad Baseball Burn) with 3 votes. Congratulations to all!


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