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19 of the WEIRDEST things people have done while face masking

19 of the WEIRDEST things people have done while face masking

We took to Instagram to ask our followers what the weirdest or funniest thing they've done while face masking and they did NOT disappoint. Trust us.


It's a good thing they love us

"I put face masks on just to scare my boyfriend!"  – @baileyadamsss

"I forgot I had a brightly colored mask on and scared my husband when he walked in the door from work!" – @rosatremaine

"I picked up my boyfriend from the train while masking once. Wish you could have seen his face when he almost kissed me hello. That face of confusion still makes me laugh to this day!" – @abbymorganstein

"I forgot I had Collagen Rehab mask on and snuggled up behind my boyfriend in bed. I got gooey mask all over his back haha. He was less than pleased when I woke him up trying to wipe it all off!" – @amanda.utz.77


You went where??

"I mean, certainly the weirdest thing I've done while masking is go through the drive through for some food!" – @tequilaistheanswer1

"I was using Kerafole and forgot it was on and went grocery shopping! The store employees were rather shocked, but we all got a good laugh out of it." – @katefranklin_esthetician

"We were on vacation and went to breakfast with 15 people and we ALL wore our masks! We couldn't control all the laughter that morning." – @marianalelo

"I was wearing a face mask while cooking and realized I forgot an important ingredient. I ran to the store and couldn't figure out why the employees were looking at me strange until I got back in the care and saw my reflection. So embarrassing!" – @missypurplegirl

"My boyfriend and I went on a skiing trip and stayed at a fancy hotel right by the mountains. We decided to treat ourselves and used some overnight masks. Unfortunately there was a false fire alarm that night and they evacuated everyone! We were outside in our pajamas, in the freezing cold, looking extra ridiculous with our face masks on!" – @fromjamille

"I had to answer the door one time while masking. It was shocking to the neighbor, for sure, but we had a good laugh!" – @kwkcrial


They can still see you…

"The funniest thing I've done while masking was receiving a FaceTime call from my little niece and nephew while masking…..they were scared to death!" – @jgibbs924

"One time I almost forgot I have a mask on right before a Skype job interview – it was a close call!" @hales_oneill

"I definitely forgot I have a face mask on and answered a FaceTime call from my crush." – @brittanynapior


The kids are scarred for life

"My son and his friend thought they were smart – they put on Halloween masks to scare me and jumped up at the foot of my bed, but little did they know I had a face mask on! They screamed and ran. So funny!" – @poobie67

"I took the kids to school with my mask on… Needless to say, they were not happy!" – @heidisaldivar

"I scared the heck out of my toddler… there was no way to explain to calm her down! I had to wash it off." – @momof_4_angels


Face masks and food do not mix

"Funniest thing I've done while masking is try to eat with a clay mask on!" – @skincare_goals

"I made the mistake of trying to eat leftover hibachi… noodles and masks do not mix!" – @mrspewpewboom


And last, but not least

"The funniest thing I've ever done in a face mask is sit there thinking I'll look like Jennifer Aniston when I take it off." – @bobbijeanxo


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