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14 things to do while you mask

14 things to do while you mask

Recommitting to your skin in the new year doesn't have to be as hard as completely overhauling your skin care routine. Sometimes, it's as simple as incorporating an often forgotten, but incredibly important, skin care step: applying a facial mask.

For just 10 minutes, a few times a week, you can deliver a concentrated dose of key ingredients that target the toughest skin concerns. Whether it's a clay mask that absorbs excess dirt and oil to refine pores, or a hydrating gel mask that provides a surge of hydration necessary to even oily skin types, facial masks take your weekly skin agenda to the next level, helping you tackle your biggest skin concerns quickly and effectively.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest excuses we hear from those who skip this crucial step is "I just don't have the time." But, like any resolution, recommitting to your skin takes time. To make investing the extra 10 minutes easier, we took to Bioelements Facebook page to ask fans how they fit masking into their daily routine. Read on to see what they have to say – "I don't have time." will never be an excuse again!

Multi-task with must-do's

Having a mile long to-do list is no reason to skip on the skin care. Masks are the perfect step for multi-tasking! Before taking 10 minutes to plow through your miscellaneous tasks or chores for the day, remember to apply a mask first. Here are some of our Facebook fans' favorite ways to split their time:

1. "Doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen" – Rebekah

2. "Check emails or Facebook." – Christina

3. "I do squats." – Melanie

4. "I've done everything from cleaning toilets to shaving my legs!" – Kelli

5. "I exfoliate my body while masking for 10 minutes" – Rosalie

6. "I apply it right before I get in the shower – it's the easiest 10 minute multi-task!" – Amanda

Sometimes, even estheticians need to find time to fit in a mask! Here's one of our favorite professional multi-tasking moments:

7. "For ten minutes I can make my bed, grab my coffee and appointment book, and go over my day's clients" – Dori

Get a double dose of beauty

Rather than focusing on chores, the 10 minutes it takes to mask can also serve as a reminder to treat yourself in other ways. Here are Bioelements fans favorite ways to indulge themselves in the beauty frills that don't often make it to the top of the priority list:

8. "Paint my nails and read a book" – Jade

9. "I whiten my teeth" – Susan

10. "Paint my nails or do a hair mask at the same time!" – Kaleigh

11. "Pluck my brows." – Mary

Take time to unwind

You might feel more accomplished if you juggle tasks while you mask, but sometimes there's no better excuse to take time for yourself. Stress causes the body to produce cortisol – a stress hormone known to break down collagen and elastin. Spending the 10 minutes it takes to mask doing nothing but relaxing and focusing on yourself can help reduce wrinkle-causing stress, and make the mask you're using that much more effective. Here's what Bioelements fans have to say about de-stressing during a mask.

12. "I'm usually soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and bubbles!" – Barb Croell

13. "Take a catnap – no multitasking here!" – Marygrace

14. "When I put a mask on, I relax and do nothing! It's the only time I have at night to unwind and do nothing once in a while." – Patricia

Did we miss your favorite multi-tasking mask activity? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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