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What is an “environmental aggressor”?


We throw the phrase “environmental aggressors” around a lot because Bioelements creates formulas that are designed to counteract them. But every once in a while, someone will look at us with a puzzled expression and ask “who in the world are these environmental aggressors?”

Well first off, they’re not mean-spirited humans on a nasty environmental mission. But they are skin destroyers that will make you look older than you should. Let’s take a look at the worst of the worst:

SMOKE – This goes for cigarette smoking, and to a lesser extent, second-hand smoke. It chokes your skin’s tissues, causing blood vessels to constrict, which leads to wrinkles, sallow tone, rough texture and we’ll say it again…wrinkles!  Seriously, we can’t repeat it enough – smoking is one of the most preventable skin-agers, and one of the worst environmental aggressors.

UV RAYS – No matter if it’s summer or winter, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are there. Your skin’s epidermis is literally paper-thin, so UV rays can pierce through it easily. UVA rays (the ones that cause premature aging) penetrate the deepest, all the way to your dermis, where blood vessels and nerves are found.   Who knew?

POLLUTION – There are just some places where you can actually see the pollution. Remember that grimy-looking air during the Beijing Olympics? But you don’t have to see pollution for it to harm to your skin. Your clogged pores and dull complexion will tell the story.

STRESS – Skin stress can come in different forms. External stress from harsh weather or overly-strong product usage can redden and irritate. Internal stress – work, family, relationships – can show up as blotchy patches or overall sensitivity.

So, now that we’ve told you about the environmental villains, what about the heroes? Protect your skin during the day with a broad spectrum sunscreen and a topical antioxidant skin serum to fend against smoke and pollution. To combat the effects of smoke, nothing beats quitting (click here:  As for stress…when you figure out the answer, let us know. In the meantime, try Stress Solution so at least your skin can cope!

Do you do battle with any of these environmental aggressors? Let us know in the comments.


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Comments (6)

MartyB says:
Jan 27, 2011

This is all very scary. Makes you want to hide in a hole!

lauren says:
Jan 27, 2011

There are days when I walk through the city and it feels like the smoke and pollution are filling my pores!

Beth Kenerson says:
Jan 27, 2011

Icy cold weather is one of the aggressors my dry skin is always fending off – a little Moisture x 10 and a tiny bit of Recovery Serum on the apple of each cheek works wonders!

Joan says:
Jan 28, 2011

I don’t smoke, but my husband does. For me, Oygenation does the trick to help keep my skin glowing. Now if I can just get him to quit smoking!!!!

barbara says:
Jan 28, 2011

To Marty B. Didn’t mean to sound scary but the only thing you need to do is protect…not hide. Sunscreen, proper cleansing morning and night and a few deep breaths when things crazy should do the trick. Barbara

candice lagatta says:
Jan 28, 2011

Environmental effects on skin? A Professsional Bioelements Esthetician can help you navigate the way to better looking skin starting with a Professional SkinReading and personalized Bioelements Custom Blend Facial. Keep the great results going in between facials by following a Custom Blended Retail Skin Care program at home.
My skin loves a combination of Oxygenation with a little Urban Detox followed by an application of SPF 50 FaceScreen before I go outside.

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