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The Digital Skin Care Mail Bag: Milia, Benzoyl Peroxide & Mustache Irritation


We thought it would be a great time to open up the skin care mail bag and take a closer look at some of the great questions our team of expert estheticians have received recently from the SkinReading blog, our Bioelements Facebook and Twitter pages, and even people who stop us on the street! You’ve got questions… we’ve got answers:

Q: Is there a way I can prevent milia from appearing on my skin?

A: Milia is formed when calcified sebum gets trapped by a covering of skin – often appearing on the cheeks, nose and chin. Keeping your skin smooth through regular professional Bioelements Custom Blend Facials will help keep milia at bay. Your esthetician will work with you to determine the best course of action to prevent milia – depending on your skin’s condition. She will also recommend at-home exfoliation products to help prevent their formation. Try Quick Refiner, or Quick Refiner for Eyes (if you have them around your eyes).

Q: Should I apply benzoyl peroxide before or after moisturizer?

A: Benzoyl peroxide should be applied before your moisturizer, so the active ingredient can achieve maximum absorption. If applied during the day, don’t forget your sunscreen afterwards! (Try: Breakout Control)

Q: My fiancé always has skin issues underneath his mustache and beard hair. The area gets red and dry. It goes away after a few days after he shaves. What should he do or use?

A: Men deal with a whole host of issues when it comes to shaving – including irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs and nicks. An excellent trick we always tell male clients is to get a firm toothbrush (yes – a toothbrush!) and use it as a mustache/beard brush. Its bristles will exfoliate the skin, while also reaching through the hair to apply a product’s beneficial ingredients. So tell him to take a toothbrush and first brush against the hair growth to exfoliate, then apply a moisturizing product on the toothbrush and brush it in with hair growth. Try Post-shave Serum for this – it’s a non-greasy moisture serum that can be applied all over his face – since it’s designed to comfort and hydrate the skin after shaving. When he shaves, he can use Pre-shave Cleanser first, followed by Perfect Shave to help avoid irritation and leave skin feeling comfortable. He should also avoid using very hot water, as that can also dehydrate and irritate the skin.

Have a skin care question of your own? We’re always available – just ask below.


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jennifer miller says:
Jul 5, 2011

I would have never thought of using a toothbrush to get under facial hair. Great tip!

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