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With facials it’s all “stuff” – hold the “fluff”


How many of you received a gift certificate for a facial or body treatment at a spa over the holiday season?  We hope a lot of you did.  Now, what to redeem it for?  Hmmmm.

Here’s a tip:  If you are going to use it to book a facial, go for the “Stuff” not the “Fluff”.  Here’s what we see as the difference between the two.

FLUFF facials are easy to spot. They usually sound like they belong on a restaurant menu, not a spa menu. They feature ingredients that are yummy to eat or drink like chocolate or champagne….even caviar.   We call these “Fluff” treatments – they’re designed more for relaxation, and a certain “wow” factor, but not as a serious facial. If you want real results like deep cleansing or a skin resurfacing, opt for a treatment that’s going to infuse your skin with more than just a chocolate bar.

STUFF facials go way beyond Willy Wonka. They’re customized to meet your skin’s needs with  professional-use-only ingredients, and targeted treatment.  They start with a professional SkinReading to evaluate what your skin needs right now..  Then they infuse serious “Stuff” into surface layers like plant extracts, exfoliants and essential oils (to name a few). This facial may include an acupressure massage, custom blended mask, surface peel, and comedone removal treatment, a machine or two and other professional Stuff designed to deliver serious results – targeting your specific skin care concerns. Very un-Fluffy.

Now don’t get us wrong – Fluff treatments can be great when you want a nice, relaxing body treatment. (If you want to be slathered in chocolate, we say do it from the neck down.)

What do you think about Fluff and Stuff Treatments? Have you had both and noticed the difference? Let us know in the comments.


Comments (6)

Amy G says:
Jan 13, 2011

Totally agree. And I’m now starving for a sundae after looking at the treatment brush with chocolate and whipped cream!

genevieve says:
Jan 14, 2011

I stick to Stuff facials at my spa, but we do offer some “Fluffy” nail services. Those are relaxing and nice.

Tracy says:
Jan 15, 2011

Fluff facials are usually performed by service providers who sell the service for the cash but are not properly trained or educated to truly perform & deliver a facial to meet the clients needs and deliver true results. If you want your tooth fixed see a dentist. If you want an effective facial, check out the credentials before scheduling and ask if the facial is being performed by an experienced licensed esthetician or some other service provider who does facials as a “fill in” cash revenue generator when actually their specialty lies in hair, color or another area.

KC says:
Jan 17, 2011

I disagree with Tracy. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I have study both skin and nails for 20years. I have combine both skin and nails with my treatments and facials. I do fluffy, stuff treatments and deep peeling. I even open my own personalized shop. I do not have anyone working with me. Just me and my clients and I deliver AMAZING results.

Teresa says:
Jan 18, 2011

I will take the Stuff over Fluff any day 🙂

Tracy says:
Jan 20, 2011

KC, I am sure you are amazing, really! I just get so frustrated with salons who provide facials performed by cosmetologists who have minimal education and disrespect the importance of knowing contraindicators or have the desire to learn their product line and utilize it to its full potential. One of the best estheticians I know is a cosmetologist. She has a passion for skin (more so than hair) and continually studies ingredients, attends educational seminars and delivers an awesome facial and visible results. There are substandard service providers in every area. I truly believe it is best to stick with what you do best. Totally disagree with salons who think they can just slap some product on someone’s face and call it a facial; it discredits us and everyone who has invested a lot of time and money to deliver amazing results. Thanks! Tracy

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