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What makes a spa facial the best facial?


We’re going to let you in on a secret, so listen up. There are thousands of facials out there. There are “Power Rejuvenation” facials and “Luxury Glow” facials and “Super Vitamin” facials and “Indulge Yourself” facials.

They all sound wonderful, right? But what exactly do they do? And, more importantly, how on Earth do you pick one that’s right for your skin?

Here’s the thing. Your skin care professional knows what’s best. Before she even can receive her license, she receives a thorough education in microbiology, anatomy, skin physiology and cosmetic chemistry. If she’s a Bioelements skin care pro, her education has gone even further – she’s had in-depth, continuing training in Bioelements highly advanced professional products, ingredients, treatments, and the single thing that will make your next spa facial the best facial: Custom Blending.

What’s Custom Blending? It’s Bioelements exclusive system that allows an esthetician to create one-of-a-kind professional-use-only formulas and deliver personalized results in the treatment room. No more generic “Luxury” facials. “Luxury” describes a car, not serious skin care. Custom blending allows your skin care pro to customize a treatment so it’s created just for you – your skin type, concerns, environment, lifestyle, age and stress level. Like a chemist right there in the treatment room, she’ll choose and blend a few drops of our concentrated Custom Blend Additives and Aromatherapist Oils. Dry skin? Oily skin? There’s an Additive for that. Lines or wrinkles? Clogged pores? There’s an Additive for those, too – and many more.

And here’s the true beauty of it all – when you book a Bioelements Custom Blend Facial at a spa near you, there’s no guesswork. Your skin care professional will perform a SkinReading, discuss any concerns with you, and then customize the treatment that’s right for you. Best facial? By far.

What are your skin concerns? Have you ever experienced Custom Blending? Let us know in the comments!


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Lisa G says:
Jun 2, 2011

I had a custom skin reading at my spa with Bioelements skincare products and discovered I have been wrong about my skin my whole teenage/adult life! She got me on the right path with Bioelements skin products and my skin looks younger and healthier then it has in years which, in turn, has made me feel better about myself and now I can’t live without Bioelements or the facials!

Joan says:
Jun 2, 2011

I agree with Lisa G- I’ve been using Bioelements and getting facials with these products for years. I I know my esthetician custom blends my facials, because she tells me what she is adding. The last facial I received, she added ingredients to help fight wrinkles and control my oily skin- it really made a difference! 🙂

CA Kristin says:
Jun 2, 2011

I’m very particular about my skin care products (I love Bioelements!) but I’ve never had a facial. I think I may try this!

samantha says:
Jun 6, 2011

I always thought it was weird that I was choosing my own facial (to be fair, I’ve only had like 2 facials in my life). When my skin is a mess, how am I supposed to know what to pick? I love this idea of custom blend.

candice lagatta says:
Jun 7, 2011

Every time you receive a Bioelements Custom Blend Facial it empowers the esthetician to do a Professional SkinReading addressing your skins specific needs that very moment. Plus she can use that formula to Custom Blend the Retail Skin Care Products recommended for you to use at home.
Bioelements Custom Blended Facial Treatment and Custom Blended retail skin care products – booking my next facial appointment today.

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