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How would you describe a facial?


A while back, we posted a simple fill-in-the-blank question on our Facebook page, and got some great answers. Below is the question, and some of our favorite responses (seriously, a couple of these will make you laugh out loud!)

“A facial is _____________.”


A little bit of heaven

A necessity!

Better with Bioelements!!!


Only the best thing ever

A wonderful experience


The second most fun thing you can legally do without clothes on

A rarity for a mom of two under two!


Good for the skin & soul!

A lifestyle choice everyone should make like going to the gym and dentist. On top of that, it’s blissful!


An amazing way to recharge your batteries.

Both beneficial and relaxing!

Heaven on earth

A very good way to start anti-aging and relaxing

A beauty must

On the agenda for today!

A need… not a want.

One of the few things that keeps husbands and children alive.


So beneficial for the skin

Not an option – a must-have!

Pure heaven


Absolutely amazing and makes me feel brand new

The best meditation I know


How would you end the sentence “A facial is______”? Tell us in the comments!


Comments (7)

Jenna Mason says:
Aug 11, 2011

The one the I can’t believe I only discovered this year! I love them!

lisa ann klein says:
Aug 11, 2011

I agree with the one that says it should be like going to the gym or dentist – something that’s a part of your whole body maintenance.

Irene Parker says:
Aug 12, 2011

It is definitely the comment “a lifestyle choice everyone should make like going to the gym and dentist”

And, “definitely better with Bioelements”

hina says:
Aug 12, 2011

I would say: it should be like going to the gym or dentist. In addition, its both beneficial and relaxing as well as an esthetician can help you decided suitable daily home care regimen to help your skin look healthy and youthful.

Dawn says:
Aug 23, 2011

A facial is a must have to keep skin looking great!

Lilia says:
May 22, 2012

A facial is key to de-stressing and re-energizing — not to mention the added bonus of keeping our skin healthy and looking 10 years younger than our chronological age! It is time for us ladies to know that the hair can get done weekly and the nails too, but if our skin is not treated by a professional esthetician, we are just not going to achieve that ‘polished’ look. The condition of our skin says it all.

bev langelier says:
Nov 30, 2012

A facial is physically important for beautiful, healthy skin. It is mentally important for self preservation. It is just so much more than just wiping stuff on your face. At times it can help you feel “renewed”!

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