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A look inside the digital skin care mailbag…


Sometimes we feel like we run our own skin care Jeopardy! game show every day. Between our SkinReading blog and our Bioelements Facebook and Twitter pages, we answer some great questions from professionals, students and consumers (without the annoying do do do do Jeopardy! music). Let’s take a look inside the SkinReading digital mailbag…

Q: “Can you get a professional surface peel treatment while using Bioelements Quick Refiner?”

A: Absolutely. The products used in Bioelements surface peels (professional use-only Alphablend, Extra-Strength Alphablend and Lactic-Plus Peel) are professional strength products that provide dramatic results – and Quick Refiner contains the same Alphablend formula, just at a lower strength. In fact, we recommended it as a take-home product that will help maximize and continue the results of these professional treatments. Depending on your skin, you can use Quick Refiner every day, or a few times a week. (Just remember – always wear your sunscreen when using Quick Refiner!)

Q: “A client booked an appointment for a facial, and she says she has cystic acne. What should I do?”

A: Be cautious. Begin by having your client fill out a Bioelements SkinReading Form and sit down with her in a private area so that you can have a consultation about her skin. Find out if she is seeing a dermatologist and if she is on any medication for her acne. This will also give you an opportunity to look at her skin and see if there are any cysts on her face. If she has several active cysts, do not perform a service on her, as you run the risk of causing discomfort or pain – and even spreading the infection. In some clients, cleansing, exfoliation or applied pressure can cause problems for this type of acne. And, of course, no extractions can be performed on cysts. If she only has one or two cysts, you can proceed with gentle cleansing, toning, a mask a moisturizing. But keep the steam a bit farther away from the skin so that the heat doesn’t inflame the skin any more.

Do you have any questions about skin care services, products or ingredients? Ask us here in the comments. You can also always reach our team on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always typing to, talking to or working face-to-face with everyone who loves great skin – we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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Comments (7)

Adriana K says:
Jan 20, 2011

I’ve been using Quick Refiner for a few months now and I love the results. I never even thought about getting even better results with a professional peel. I’m going to look into it!

Amanda @ Bioelements says:
Jan 20, 2011

Hi Adriana – Find a Bioelements Spa near you (and professional peeling to boost the results of your Quick Refiner) here:

Julie says:
Feb 1, 2011

If the client has cystic acne and is not seeing a dermatologist, shouldn’t they be seeing one?

Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel says:
Feb 3, 2011

Yes, if you suspect that your client has cystic acne, then I would professionally recommend that they make an appointment to be properly diagnosed by a physician. As estheticians, we are not really equipped to treat that level of acne as it’s systemic, and we could cause more harm than good if we attempt to treat this client without them being under the care of a derm or physician. Good call!

Erin says:
Feb 5, 2011

I have a client that only has problems with her skin during certain times of the month. We have tried several masks, serums, and cleansers, and so on, but her skin is so sensitive that most of the acne related treatments are too strong for her. Any suggestions would be great… I’m running out of ideas.

Alberta says:
Feb 7, 2011

Hi Erin,

I would have her try the amino acid mask once a week @ night on problematic areas only and spot treat with breakout control in daytime just before & during cycle. I would also have her use the absolute moisture because it is a nice balancing moisturizer.

Hope this helps! : )

Sunny says:
Apr 15, 2015

I live in the great white north. This last year i have been barmbarded by clients suffering from cystic acne anywhere from declote to back. What is the underlying cause of this? Is it diet? Environment? They appear to be healthy, clean citizens. I have tried every thing from glycolic to zinc. SOSthankyou

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