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16 Facial Treatment Pet Peeves of Spa Professionals


Both spa professionals and spa-goers want nothing but the best from their 60-minute spa sessions. We recently asked spa goers to share their top facial pet peeves when at the spa.  But now it’s the skin care professionals turn! Sometimes it’s the client’s habits that can lead to a fumbled facial. Here are the top 16 pet peeves estheticians have when it comes to treatment room etiquette.

Professional Facial Treatment Pet Peeves

16. Stinky feet

15. Showing up early and being impatient

14. Bad breath

13. Not tipping

12. Coming in sick

11. Showing up late or not showing up at all

10. Moving your head or arms when touched/”Trying to assist me in my movements”

9. Bringing children in the treatment room

8. Won’t remove clothing/insist on wearing clothes under the robe – “I can’t treat/massage the neck and shoulders!”

7. Won’t remove jewelry

6. Coming in with a full face of makeup

5. Clients who don’t heed an esthetician’s skin care advice

4. Unrealistic expectations of post-facial results

3. Ringing phones and answering calls

2. Clients who won’t stop talking

1. Keeping your eyes open during the treatment – (“close them so I won’t get product in your eyes!”)

Spa-goers: What do you think of these pet peeves? Have you ever committed any of the above?

Skin care professionals: Have more pet-peeves to add? Tell us in the comments below!

Comments (5)

Christine Martin says:
Aug 19, 2013

In the end the esthetician is there to serve the client, do the best she can with the person as presented to her. My clients are happy to do as instructed, so maybe some of these are do to poor instructions before the facial begins.

Keahi says:
Aug 19, 2013

Seems pretty obvious…I mean, rude is rude no matter where you are. Bad breath seems quite high on the list, hmmmmm.

Laura Lanes says:
Aug 19, 2013

My top 2 pet peeves are no shows especially when they made appt. the same day! and when clients come in sick.

Sherri ann says:
Aug 21, 2013

My absolute goal is to make client fall asleep- no matter how much they talk in the beginning…….LOL.

karen says:
Dec 30, 2013

Client ask can the go out and smoke while mask is on. Duh, ” Can I put on a cover and go out and smoke while the mask works” REALLY

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