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Best serums for oily skin & more: Do you need one?

Facial serums are lightweight, highly concentrated products formulated to deliver a higher dosage of beneficial ingredients to the skin. Many immediately think “anti-aging” at the mention of a serum, but we’re here to reveal a variety of problem-solving serums that tackle more than just lines and wrinkles. Keep reading to see the best serums for oily skin, […]


Is your skin stressed out? How to calm red, irritated skin

Do you have red, irritated skin? Stressed or sensitized skin can be caused by practically anything, but there are some common factors that may be to blame. Keep reading to learn why your skin is stressed and how to soothe skin irritation ASAP.   Why your skin is stressed and sensitized   There are so […]


Anti-pollution skin care: Yes, you need it

Day in, day out exposure to pollution (from exhaust, smog, smoke, free radicals and even extreme climate) can cause many nasty side effects for your skin, like dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, weakened skin, dullness, and sensitivity. Using anti-pollution skin care is now more necessary than ever. There are many different ingredients commonly used […]


When to start using anti-aging products & what you need to know

Think you’re too young for anti-aging skin care? Think again. Estheticians, dermatologists and researchers alike agree that it is important to start young to prevent premature aging. Keep reading to learn when to start using anti-aging products.   When to start using anti-aging products It’s easy to take your skin for granted when you’re young. […]


Why you need to replenish minerals in your skin

If you want younger-looking skin that’s hydrated and healthy, you need to protect your skin from pollution. When exposed to environmental stressors, mineral depletion in the skin occurs, leading to premature aging, weakened skin, dullness, dehydration and sensitivity. Learn why you need mineral skin care and how to protect skin below. Why you need mineral […]


Hyperpigmentation removal: What you need to know

Do you suffer from sun spots, discoloration or dark acne scars? You’re not alone. Dark spots and discoloration, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, are one of the most common skin concerns in the United States, especially if you have a darker skin tone.  Keep reading to learn about hyperpigmentation removal now.   Hyperpigmentation: Types and causes […]


Why you absolutely need an anti-pollution moisturizer

Our increasingly dirty world is full of skin-aging atmospheric stressors, so much so that researchers now predict that pollution protection will impact skin care as much as UV protection. Keep reading to learn why you need an anti-pollution moisturizer.   Why you need pollution protection Atmospheric stressors like pollution, industrial smoke, exhaust fumes, ozone, extreme […]


How to use Plump Start: 4 easy ways

Many have tried and loved Bioelements fastest selling product, Plump Start, but this antioxidant plumping concentrate is more versatile than a lot of fans may realize! Since Plump Start is designed for every skin type it works well in combination with many other products. Keep reading to see how to use Plump Start to target […]


7 of the best skin care products – reviews from Refinery29 & More

It is impossible for you to try every beauty or skin care product or trend, which is where tireless beauty editors come in. They spend a significant amount of their time trying a myriad of products so that they can keep you informed. So, what are beauty editors’ favorite products? Keep reading to find out! […]


See how much skin care you actually need

We live in a “more is better” culture, but when it comes to skin care (especially skin care with active ingredients), you probably apply too much. There are negative consequences when you apply too much product to your skin, both physically and financially. Keep reading to learn how you can get the best results from […]