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Causes of Aging Skin: How to slow down aging

We know there are a lot of intrinsic factors that age our skin that are largely uncontrollable, like genetics, but what about the external factors within our control? Keep reading to learn if you are prematurely aging your skin and how to slow it down.   Signs of Extrinsic Aging Extrinsic aging is aging that […]


Aging, tired eyes? This is the crows feet treatment for you

Worried about unwanted age signs, like fine lines and crows feet around the eyes? UV damage and months of squinting under sunny skies leaves many in dire need of a reliable crows feet treatment. Don’t fret if you need a remedy; we’ll break down our most effective ways to fix crows feet below.   How […]


How to reduce oily skin this minute

When warmer weather rolls in, many people wonder how to reduce oily skin. The summer heat often increases your skin’s natural oil production, but you can take control and stop summer shine with the right professional techniques and the best products to reduce oily skin.   How to reduce oily skin: Techniques Avoid over exfoliating […]


Oxygen Treatment for Skin: How to “push” in your skin care

An oxygen treatment for skin is precisely what you need if your complexion is frequently dull, sluggish, or sleepy.  Oxygen infused, or oxygenated, skin care is making headlines – and for good reason! Providing the skin with enough oxygen revitalizes, hydrates, and leaves skin with a clean, fresh feeling with refined radiance.   WHO NEEDS […]


Hot weather skin care: How to survive the summer

Summer poses some unique challenges when it comes to skin care. Between sweat, humidity, heat, UV rays, and swimming pool chlorine, summer can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep reading to see the hot weather skin care you need to keep your skin fresh, comfortable and looking its best.   Summer skin care essentials   […]


Anti-aging for oily skin: How to fight aging now

Anti-aging skin care is crucial to stave off fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and other age signs, but anti-aging for oily skin can be tricky. Many anti-aging products on the market are thick, heavy formulas that are better suited for dry skin; but rest assured there are products and methods developed specifically for aging oily […]


Sheet masks vs. professional masks: What you need to know

Take one look at any celebrity Instagram account and you’ll probably see a sheet mask. They’re the latest skin care trend, but are they as effective as the professional grade formulas used by estheticians in the treatment room? Read about sheet masks vs. professional masks below.   Sheet masks can’t replace professional masks Depending on […]


How to not get sunburned: 7 Different ways

Skin cancer is now the most common of all cancer types. There are more than 3.5 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer diagnosed each year in the US; 76,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma in 2016 (1). In fact, one person dies of melanoma every hour (2). Every single time your skin burns from […]


The one step you need to follow in a Korean skincare routine

Korean skincare has dominated beauty headlines lately. The typical routine often consists of up to 15 products applied morning and night, which can be too time-consuming for many people (even skin care junkies!). But there is one crucial step in any Korean skincare routine that you need to follow. Keep reading to see what it […]


Celebrity skincare “secrets”: Are they actually harmful?

If you spend any amount of time online, you’ve probably encountered celebrity skincare “secrets” or advice. They range from being quite extreme, like Kim Kardashian’s “vampire facials” and Snooki’s kitty litter exfoliator, to seemingly tame comments like “I don’t wash my face at night”. We consulted a panel of estheticians and skin care experts to see […]