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Skin care shelf life: Do you need to toss your products?

We all know that food products expire, but did you know skin care does, too? It’s crucial to throw out old skin care, but most people don’t know when their products have gone bad. Keep reading to learn about skin care shelf life so you can “deep clean” your skin care routine.   Why you need […]


QUIZ: Sun safety facts – Are you safe in the sun?

  Do you think you’re smart about sun safety? If you don’t protect your skin properly, it can lead to a multitude of concerns including sagging, wrinkles, age spots, early aging, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, and skin cancer. There are many surprising sun safety facts that you may not follow regularly. Take our quiz below to see if […]


Clear skin remedies: 10 Good habits you need to know

We all know that there are plenty of bad habits that cause breakouts, but what about the good habits that prevent acne? Read our list of 10 good habits below – they’re the clear skin remedies you should practice every day.   1) Use high quality professional skin care One of the best clear skin remedies […]


Over exfoliated skin: Are you guilty of this mistake?

You must exfoliate to achieve great skin no matter what your skin type is, but did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to exfoliate? Many people take this skin care necessity too far and end up with over exfoliated skin that is irritated and uncomfortable. Read on to learn how to […]


8 Esthetician skin care rules you need to follow

Estheticians know how to get great skin; it’s their job. However, what an esthetician can do in the treatment room is just the first step – the rest is up to you. Keep reading to see the esthetician skin care rules you need to follow for stunning skin.   1) Slow and steady wins the […]


How to get flawless skin overnight

We all want stunning skin, but do you know how to get flawless skin overnight? Experts recommend that the average adult gets 7-9 hours of sleep per night,* and this rest is essential to great skin, but there are other steps you can take to make sure you wake up glowing. Keep reading to find […]


How to mix your skin care: Multi masking & more

Can your skin enjoy even more benefits when you combine your cleanser and exfoliator? Have you ever heard of a double face mask or ‘multi masking’? These techniques can double up your skin benefits, save you time, and help you target specific skin concerns. Read on to learn how to multi mask and combine other […]


5 DIY skin care recipes that need to be stopped

Thanks to Pinterest and anyone with a blog, DIY skin care recipes have increased in popularity. Some are harmless, but much like the also popular “Pinterest fails”, some of these recipes have terrible consequences. But unlike a DIY craft project gone wrong, you have to walk around with the consequences on your face for everyone to see! […]


Is toner necessary? Get the truth from professionals

The question “Is toner necessary?” is one of the most asked questions skin care professionals receive. We took this question to our panel of estheticians and skin care professionals. The verdict? Every single one said toner is crucial for great skin. But, why is toner necessary? Read on to see what the professionals say.   […]


How to Prevent Breakouts: 7 Acne Mistakes

Even if you faithfully use the right skin care for your skin type, breakouts and irritation can still crop up. In fact, up to 85% of people experience minor acne at some point in their lives.* Unfortunately, these breakouts can have surprising causes. Most people don’t realize they commit daily mistakes that actually cause acne. […]