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How to get better skin: The great skin guide

If you want better skin or even great skin, you first need to understand your skin type. Take our skin type quiz or read the descriptions below. Once you know your type, you can start the right daily routine and be well on your way to better skin: with a complexion that’s clear, calm and […]


How to use a face serum the right way

Do you know how to use a face serum the right way? Serums are perhaps one of the most versatile skin care products out there. There are many different types of serums and their uses and benefits vary greatly. Learn everything you need to know about how to use a serum and more in this […]


How to reduce redness on face: 3 easy steps

“Why is my skin red?”This question is all too common in today’s world. Are you one of the many that suffers from a red, blotchy complexion? Studies suggest that more than 50% of the population suffers from sensitive skin (1) and that often manifests as redness. Whether you have naturally sensitive skin or simply agitated, […]


How to repair your skin barrier

Are your biggest skin concerns caused by something you’ve never heard of? They could be! Estheticians have long recognized the importance of healthy skin barriers – but many people outside of the industry have never even heard of them. You cannot have skin that is supple, healthy and protected if your skin barriers are damaged. […]


The best solutions for post acne marks

Dark marks from past acne red acne scarring, especially if left untreated, can be visible on your face for years after the active breakouts and blemishes are gone. Unfortunately post acne marks and scars are all too common for anyone who has suffered from acne. Do you have red marks on your face that won’t go […]


Toss or keep: What skin care do you actually need?

From cleansers to concentrates, there seems to be a new skin care ‘must-have’ launched every week. So how do you tell which products can truly help your skin, and which ones could harm it? Do you know when to change your skin care routine? Changing skin products can be confusing, but read this quick guide […]


How to mask the right way: How often to use a face mask & more

Do you know how often to use a face mask? The answer may surprise you! Our experts cover all the basics in this Masking 101 guide, like how to mask, how often to use a face mask, the right formula for your skin concerns and more. Learn how to mask the right way.   Benefits […]


What does toner do for your skin? The surprising answer

What does toner do for your skin? This underrated skin care item helps your skin more than you realize. Toner is necessary regardless of your skin type or concern, the key is to find the correct one for your skin. Keep reading to see what toner does for your skin, why you need it, and […]


Professional esthetic treatments: Are they worth it, or a waste?

Do esthetic treatments really make a difference in the way your skin looks? If you use high-end, clinical strength professional skin care at home, what’s the point of going to a spa? We’ve consulted the skin care pros, and they’re here to help! Keep reading to see their answers:   What are esthetic treatments? First […]


How to get rid of eye wrinkles, dark circles under eyes & more

The skin under your eyes is the most delicate skin on your face – in fact; it has the same thickness as an eggshell. So it’s no wonder there are many different skin concerns regarding that area including crows feet, eye wrinkles, sagging eyes, puffy eyes, crepey eyelids, and dark circles under eyes. Keep reading […]