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What is retinol? Everything you need to know.

What is retinol? How does it help skin? Keep reading to see why this potent ingredient is one of our favorite anti-aging skin care ingredients.   What is retinol? Retinol is a skin care ingredients derived from vitamin A, which occurs naturally in the skin. This skin transforming ingredient is a gold standard ingredient in […]


Enlarged pores aren’t potholes – quit trying to fill them!

Move over blackhead extractors – there’s a new fad sweeping countertops, and it’s here to clog your pores! More women are adding “pore fillers” to their daily skin care agenda, hoping to blur or erase pores from their complexion completely. However, much like BB creams, you can file these under “unnecessary skin care”. While you might […]


Acne products that work: How to fight acne at the source

Want acne products that work? Some acne formulas are too harsh, while others aren’t strong enough acne fighters. If you’re tired of searching for the top acne products, look no further. Our one of a kind formulas use clinical doses of proven acne fighting medicines AND soothing, calming and strengthening ingredients to truly tackle your […]


Want to win big? Get $200 in skin care FREE

Hi! I’m Stephan from Bioelements, and I manage our site and email campaigns. The best part of my day is when I see fans like you discover and fall in love with a new product through our educational emails, offers, blogs and social media posts. Don’t forget: when you review a product you love […]


15 causes of sensitive skin and how to treat it

Depending on where you live, studies suggest that almost 50% of the population suffers from sensitive skin (1). Sensitive or sensitized skin is a growing concern, but what causes sensitive skin? Keep reading to learn how to identify sensitive skin, what causes sensitive skin and how to soothe and strengthen your skin.   What is […]


5 of the best tips for exfoliation at home, ranked

Professional exfoliation in the spa is an awesome way to zero in on your skin concerns, but regular exfoliation at home is an absolute must for great skin. Maintaining a regular exfoliation schedule will lead to stronger, healthier skin and can tackle many common concerns, but there are some tricks to exfoliation. Keep reading to […]


The one thing that will ruin your next facial

Have you ever left a facial with burning, red or painful skin? Facials, chemical peels and other spa treatments should both relax you and target your skin concerns. However, there is one thing that may ruin the treatment and its results: contraindications. Keep reading to learn what a contraindication is and how it can impact […]


Benefits of dry brushing: A supermodel secret

Dry brushing is one of the easiest ways to get the body you’ve always wanted. That’s why this technique has been a secret of skin care pros (and supermodels) for years. And you can actually use this professional spa technique in your own home, every day. All you need is a professional dry brush with […]


SkinReading: What it is and why you need it

Our blog is named after our unique, advanced esthetics system, Bioelements SkinReading®. Keep reading to learn about this revolutionary technique. What is SkinReading? Bioelements SkinReading is the invaluable tool and spa technique designed to give estheticians more control and better results.  It delivers the spa experience clients desire, and creates a personal relationship that cannot be […]


Blemish Extractors: Unnecessary skin care and beauty products

  We have written about countless unnecessary skin care products before, but this one pains us the most. As a professional skin care company committed to estheticians and loved by clients for over 25 years, we need you to know how awful blemish extractors are for your skin. There is nothing that can permanently harm […]