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3 skin care facial techniques you should never do yourself

There are just some things you shouldn’t try at home, especially when it comes to your skin. If you want to keep your complexion clear, glowing, and younger-looking, you need to know what is safe to do at home, and what should be left to a professional. These three skin care techniques should only be […]


Facials for wrinkles: Do you need one?

Want to prevent your skin from aging? Facials for wrinkles are the best way to slow down aging skin and even reverse some existing fine lines and wrinkles. Keep reading to see how to remove wrinkles from the forehead, around the eyes, and more with a professional spa facial. How do professional facials help wrinkles […]


Top 10 polluted cities: What you need to know about pollution and skin

Everyday pollution saps your skin of much needed minerals and nutrients, leaving you vulnerable to wrinkles, dullness, irritation and more. Pollution and skin concerns may seem like a ‘big city’ problem, but the top 10 polluted cities in the United States are not where you may think they are. Keep reading to see the surprising […]


The one thing no one told you about sunscreen

While sunscreen is the most important part of your summer vacations, it is just as crucial to apply SPF in the winter too. This common skin care mistake can age you faster than you realize. Keep reading to learn why you need winter sunscreen. Best sunscreens for winter The best sunscreen for winter depends on […]


Skin emergency! How to cure a pimple overnight

Have you ever had a huge pimple pop up right before a big day? Whether it’s before a job interview, a wedding, a date, or any other big occasion – we’ve all been there. Keep reading to learn how to cure a pimple overnight. If you have oily skin, you can deal with zits as late […]


4 Different Face Mask Benefits of Deep Purging Kerafole

Spa professionals and skin care fanatics have raved about the clearer, brighter, smoother skin they get from the Kerafole for years, but did you know you can use this fan-favorite clove, algae and malic acid formula four different ways? Read on to learn how to unclog pores, get smoother lips, and the other face mask […]


The best moisturizer ingredients for your skin

A professional, clinical formula makes all the difference when it comes to facial moisturizers. But how do you know what to look for? Keep reading to see our list of the best moisturizer ingredients for your specific skin type and some ingredients in moisturizers to avoid.   Dry skin: Dimethicone + adaptogens Some people have […]


Do facials help dry skin? (Yes, you need one)

  Do you have dry, rough, flaky or tight skin? Facials for dry skin are one of the most common options in the spa and for good reason. Celebrities achieve their best skin possible with the help of a trusted esthetician – and so can the rest of us. Keep reading to learn how to […]


Does makeup cause acne? Makeup mistakes to avoid

Does makeup cause acne? What is cosmetic induced acne? Are there makeup mistakes that age you? The unfortunate answer to these all too common questions is yes, makeup can harm your skin. However, if you know which makeup mistakes to avoid, you can wear makeup without any negative skin consequences. Learn which common makeup mistakes […]


Acne ingredients you need to fight breakouts

Do you suffer from stubborn breakouts, unsightly blemishes, blackheads, or even just the occasional pimple? Whether you suffer from acne a majority of the time or just occasionally, there are several acne ingredients your skin care should have if you want clear skin. Keep reading to see the best ingredients for acne prone skin.   […]