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Is oil good for skin? Surprising reasons oil is not the enemy

“Is oil good for skin?” “Is oily skin good or bad?” “Does oily skin mean less wrinkles?”  These are all increasingly common questions our estheticians and skin care pros hear every day. While having an excessively oily face may not be great, there are real benefits of oily skin. Keep reading to learn why oil is […]


What is sunburn? A look at what happens to your skin

Are you in denial about what happens to your skin when it encounters sun damage? The redness, the pain, the peeling, sunburn blisters- you may think it’s just a few days of discomfort and that a sunburn treatment should do the trick, but this is not the case. The truth is a person’s risk for […]


What are adaptogens? Skin care herbs you need to try

Have you ever heard of adaptogens? You don’t have to be a skin care fanatic to have heard this term, but it still leaves many people scratching their heads and asking “what are adaptogens?” Keep reading to find out what these miracle ingredients are, how they work, and why you should use them in your […]


5 Anti-Aging Skin Care Myths That Need To Be Stopped

Anti-aging skin care myths saturate the internet, much like other skin care myths. At best, these myths do nothing but waste your time and at worst, they actively cause harm to your complexion. Keep reading to learn the top 5 most common anti-aging skin myths and the real ways to keep a youthful complexion.   […]


How to fix uneven skin tone: What you need to know

Most people turn to makeup to correct uneven skin tone and texture, but why not solve the problem instead of masking it? The term uneven skin tone can mean several different things ranging from texture to hyperpigmentation concerns. The first step to fixing hyperpigmentation is to identify the cause of the problem. Keep reading to […]


My acne is getting worse! What can I do?

“My acne is getting worse,” is a phrase estheticians and skin care professionals hear too often. Adult acne can get worse at any time and for a variety of reasons from hormones to weather changes. Keep reading if you struggle with acne that seems to only get worse.   Why your acne is getting worse: […]


Topical probiotics for skin: 3 reasons you need it

Many people have discovered the benefits of including probiotics in their diets, but applying probiotics topically to the skin can target and prevent skin concerns like aging, acne, rosacea and more. Keep reading to learn why you need topical probiotics.   3 Reasons you need topical probiotics   1) Topical probiotics can protect skin In people who […]


Causes of Aging Skin: How to slow down aging

We know there are a lot of intrinsic factors that age our skin that are largely uncontrollable, like genetics, but what about the external factors within our control? Keep reading to learn if you are prematurely aging your skin and how to slow it down.   Signs of Extrinsic Aging Extrinsic aging is aging that […]


Aging, tired eyes? This is the crows feet treatment for you

Worried about unwanted age signs, like fine lines and crows feet around the eyes? UV damage and months of squinting under sunny skies leaves many in dire need of a reliable crows feet treatment. Don’t fret if you need a remedy; we’ll break down our most effective ways to fix crows feet below.   How […]


How to reduce oily skin this minute

When warmer weather rolls in, many people wonder how to reduce oily skin. The summer heat often increases your skin’s natural oil production, but you can take control and stop summer shine with the right professional techniques and the best products to reduce oily skin.   How to reduce oily skin: Techniques Avoid over exfoliating […]