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TREATMENT ROOM TABOO: Gloves or No Gloves?

We’re always posting tips, tricks and news, often sparking great conversation between both pros and spa-goers alike. This video demonstrating some of Bioelements Signature Techniques prompted comments, and even some questions from estheticians, about the use of skin care gloves during a treatment.   Curious to hear how others felt about it, we opened the topic up with […]


How to use a facial brush – and see results

At home facial “tools” – like electronic facial brushes – are gaining in popularity. And while these brushes are a great way to maintain the results of your professional facial at home, they’re not a replacement for the real thing. But don’t worry! Your skin can benefit from a combination of the right at-home skin […]


What is an esthetician? Do you really need one?

What is an esthetician? What is a facialist? What do estheticians do? For those who are new to the skin care world, figuring out how to achieve the skin you want can be a daunting task. Estheticians are one of your greatest assets in the journey to better skin, but many people don’t really understand […]


Steam during a facial: What’s truth, and what’s hot air?

Is the use of steam during a professional facial an essential part of the treatment, or unnecessary? We’ll break down why estheticians steam during a facial, the benefits of facial steam and four myths about steaming your face. Benefits of facial steam Estheticians usually use steam during the cleanse portion of your facial. The treatment […]


Want to win $200 in skin care? This is the easiest way

Hi! I’m Jessica from Bioelements, and I manage our SkinReading blog and social channels. One of the best parts of my job is interacting with fans like you, and all the skin care pros who depend on Bioelements for amazing results. Did you know that every product you review on is automatically entered to […]


Skin care for eczema: What you need to know

Eczema is extremely common. In fact, roughly 30 million Americans have this skin condition (1). There is no cure, so skin care for eczema plays a crucial role in the management of this skin condition. Keep reading to learn what eczema is and the best eczema treatments.   What is eczema? Eczema is a general term […]


The best of skin care: 4 Zero effort products you need

Whether it’s something small, like buying a luxurious face cream, or something a little bigger, like taking a day trip to your local spa, everyone deserves to treat themselves now and then. Our favorite treat? Zero effort skin care products. Keep reading to see our favorite fast-acting, zero effort products. Simply apply and enjoy the […]


Do I need a facial? 32 reasons you absolutely need one

Have you ever wondered “do I need a facial?” Chances are, you probably do. Just about every skin concern can benefit from a little TLC at your local spa. Keep reading to see all the reasons you need a spa facial. 1) Prevention If you’re already happy with your skin, why get a facial? The […]


Wrinkles? Sagging? These are the best ingredients for anti-aging

When fine lines begin to appear on your face, it can often induce panic. But there’s no need to worry about the first signs of aging skin! The correct skin care routine will help prevent premature aging and keep your complexion bright and youthful. Keep reading to see the best ingredients for anti-aging: Retinol Retinol is one of […]


3 skin care facial techniques you should never do yourself

There are just some things you shouldn’t try at home, especially when it comes to your skin. If you want to keep your complexion clear, glowing, and younger-looking, you need to know what is safe to do at home, and what should be left to a professional. These three skin care techniques should only be […]