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5 Bad Beauty Tips From the Past


Last week, we posted this question on our Facebook page:

Share your beauty tips from the past! What tip did you hear when you were young (from your mom, a friend, or from anywhere) that you later realized was not true?

We got some great answers! Here’s our favorite 5, and our thoughts on each:

5. “Healthy looking skin is tan skin.”

We know many of you grew up with images of sun-baked goddesses as the ultimate in perfection. It’s good to know that many of us have wised up to know that broad spectrum sunscreen is a must – if you want a tan, make it a self-tan.

4. “To use shampoo as face wash. Yikes!”

Yikes, indeed! Shampoo and facial cleansers are not created equal. Shampoos are formulated with acidic ingredients to help keep your hair cuticles smooth, polymers to add shine, and fatty conditioners to fight static. Your face needs none of these things – in fact, they can cause breakouts and congestion. Navigate to our “What is my skin type?” tab, find the right cleanser for you, and stick with it. .

3. “Combat an oily t-zone with rubbing alcohol.”

Do not do this. Here’s why. Rubbing alcohol will dry out the skin – so when you first apply it, it will get rid of the oil you see. Sounds good, right? Wrong. It will dry out your skin too much, to the point where you’ll then produce even more oil than before to compensate for the new lack of oil. So you’re even oilier than when you started! Instead, tame oily skin with our Decongestant Cleanser, an alcohol-free toner like Equalizer, an oil-free hydrating gel like Beyond Hydration, and Oil Control Mattifier to balance oil production and blot away excess oil.

2. Put toothpaste on your breakouts.

We’ve heard this one from time to time, too. Simply put, toothpaste is made for your teeth, not your skin. Dabbing even just a small amount on a pimple can actually result in burns, particularly on those with sensitive skin. For others, irritation and drying can occur, making acne worse. Stick with 5% benzoyl peroxide found in Breakout Control.

And the number one bad beauty tip from the past is (*drumroll please*)

1. “Fresh pee from a baby’s diaper put on your face can keep you young.”

Wow. We don’t know where to begin with this one but let’s just all promise each other to keep urine away from our faces. There are plenty of effective anti-aging products that don’t involve bodily functions.

Thanks to our Facebook fans who provided such wonderful, funny, insightful answers!

What false beauty tips did you hear when you were growing up? Tell us in the comments.


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Comments (7)

Megan says:
Jun 16, 2011

The pee one is hilarious. When I was young there was a girl on my street who said that you could do a face mask with elmer’s glue. You let it dry and then could peel it off. gross!

Kate FL says:
Jun 17, 2011

that’s disgusting! Who would do that???

I can vouch for the rubbing alcohol one – I tried it when I was in high school and I got WAY more oily as a result. I learned to stick to real skin care products from that point on.

christina says:
Sep 26, 2011

dear Bio elements
I always order bio element when i am in the states ….
I found this produkt beacause my local spa had them. I love them.
That said its no longer is poseble to buy this produck in Denmark any more.
Al thoug … i neeed some advise.!!! I have REELY sensitive skin … And your produck is the first that actually works, and gives me enough moisture to me.
I now was looking for a anti ageing serum for the fine lines that started to apear…. wich one should i go for ???
I now use Cusial mosture, sleepwear calmitude moisture and of course the cleansing for sensitive skin.
Wich one could you recommend ??? im lost, there so many to cfoose from

christina says:
Sep 26, 2011

could you maby email me with an answer or do you write it here ???? my email is

christina says:
Sep 26, 2011

And i use geltharapy as a mask once a week aswell….
i was looking at create firm or oxygen coctail…. ???

Barbara says:
Sep 26, 2011

Hi Cristina – Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum is the perfect anti-aging serum for sensitive skin. It helps skin resist lines and wrinkles as it strengthens and defends against visible irritation.

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